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Oh the thinks you can do

Stop just thinking about the business you want, and take some action to get to the business you want. Way to many freelancers just stop dreaming about success and never execute then complain about not being successful.

What if you have a bad manager

The only thing you can actually take care of is yourself. Give your manager weekly email updates on what you’re doing and expected deliverables. Build out a training manual and give it to your manager so they can have it for the next person joining the team.

Are you living your dream?

When you were a kid you had all kinds of dreams for what your future was going to be like. Even as a teenager or young adult you had these dreams. Then ‘reality’ beat them out of you. That’s not how it has to be though. When you were younger you figured that it would […]

So much has to go right to succeed

Going freelance is not ‘the’ answer for everyone. All your dreams of sitting in a coffee shop daily working on only things you love are just that…dreams. Running a business takes a bunch of work outside of working on things you love and even finding those clients you love is hard.

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