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Write your ideal life statement daily

Earlier this month I talked about your single statement about your business. I’ll review mine for you: My business will let me spend much of my time travelling and in the wilderness. From there you need to define what needs to be true for you to get to that ideal statement but when I started […]

How will you be?

Tuesday we talked about your ideal life and what it would look like. Here’s another question, what would you act like? How would you dress? What type of events would you go to? If you had that ideal life now? Dan Miller of the 48 Days Podcast threw a very interesting party where you were […]

Is money the best reward for a job well done?

Rewards are awesome. When my oldest daughter behaves well and does her chores and earns something like a new set of Lego she’s ecstatic. She’s also pretty happy for some nice shiny loonies (that’s Canadian for a $1 coin). But talk to her later in the month and the thing she actually remembers earning is […]

Mentoring your employees…how?

On Tuesday I talked about promoting your best innovators and then the fact that many of them turn themselves in to the sole innovators. They figure that they’re always going to be the best at new ideas so they don’t listen to their team. But it’s not just employees that do this. Business owners do […]

Play the big game with your life sentence

People playing a big game don’t have time for a small game – Dan Sullivan Dan talks about this in reference to people you see name calling and back biting and diving in to guilt. Their game is so small that it includes these things. If you’re playing a bigger game then these things don’t […]

Marginal Gains

You’re going to hit a plateau in your business where it stays about the same for a while. The only way to get through it is to just keep going. Keep trying new little things, even if each thing only improves your business 1% that still 15% when you find 15 things.

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