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Distraction Free MacVim with Markdown

I’ve been using [MacVim][macvim] as my sole code editor for almost a year now and have started to modify the stock config presented in [Janus][janus]. Today with the suggestion of [@matthewlang][lang] I’ve got two new items to add to my .vim configuration. ###[VimRoom][vimroom] Brings distraction free writing to Vim/MacVim. One thing I really find frustrating […]

Google Custom Search

I recently added google custom search (CSE) as an advanced search on a clients store. While the standard search engine provided decent results it does a very poor job of eliminating useless words (the, a…). Since Goolge does an awesome job of providing relevant search results and the CSE is free we jumped on board. […]

Moving a WordPress Blog

Over the next few weeks I will be moving this hosted blog to a self hosted site as part of my continued effort to improve my search engine optimization and marketing. I thought that it would be fun to take you along. So…. After doing some research (this is my first wordpress implementation) I decided […]