Storing Code Snippets for Productivity

A Coders Problem

So my regular coding has progressed to a point that I’m sure many other have hit. I’ve built a huge reference of code that I need to reuse for many projects and digging through the old projects is getting un-manageable so I need a solution that keeps my reusable code organized and quickly findable from the keyboard.

The Holes I’m looking to Fill

To start this search let’s define my needs in code snippet storage:

  1. Offsite storage and sync (MobileMe or Dropbox is fine)
  2. Local Storage (I code offline too)
  3. Search from the keyboard with pasting into the app I was working in
  4. I’d love it to be Mac and PC because I do work on both from time to time
  5. Not tied to a specific code editor (some text snippets are used outside of code)

Some of the Resources

While I may not look at all of the options below I’ll look at some and includes links to the reviews as they happen.

Websites for Storing Code

Mac Software

PC Software

Cross Platform

Other Articles


So that’s where I’m starting. Am I missing any solutions that fit my needs (hint text files and GREP don’t count)?

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