Before you’re burnt out you get ‘cooked’. That’s the point you need to start saying no more. You need to carve out the time you need to get recharged so that you can keep going for decades.

2 responses to “Take the time you need when you’re ‘cooked’”

  1. Luis Martins Avatar
    Luis Martins

    Sadly im well too familiar with this feeling, and it has been like for more years.

    Pushing myself to hard and use my work as a escape for personal issues, then getting into trouble professionally which ultimately gets me into trouble with my personal relationships.

    A vicious cycle really, one that im still struggling to get out of. I got to the point some close friends question my ability to move out of this. To be honest, I can’t tell either.

    I love my job, I really do, but it has been a blessing and a curse, all because I have a lot of trouble balancing things.

    Your message really resonates with me, the main difference being that I don’t have a family and very few friends to let the steam off.

    Finally Curtis, I think this is my first comment here, although I’ve been watching you blog for a while and I really like your tips and perspective on things. Thank you for sharing them.

    Hope you’re feeling better when you reading this, enjoy you holidays.


    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Thanks, I’m feeling pretty good.

      I’d say that you should set a regular schedule of work/play and stick to it. Don’t ‘just put in 5 more minutes’ and head out to get refreshed.

      Maybe you need to go talk to a professional about it even. We all need to talk to someone at some point, for me a number of times so far and I’m sure a many more to come. Talking to a counsellor is great for outside perspective and strategy building as you look to build a balanced life you love.