The 2017 Goodreads Challenge shows so much failure

I took that screenshot a few weeks before the end of 2017. I checked in again Jan 31 and while a few more people were done, most hadn’t finished.

It’s sad there there are so many people that haven’t done their challenges.

People set a goal with enthusiasm and envisioned themselves as the types of people that read.

Then they didn’t.

They didn’t choose to spend time reading. They looked at Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

They wasted their damn time.

Did you do that too?

We’re a few weeks into 2018, how are you doing on your goals? Are you focused on execution and actions?

Or are you just dreaming about being a person that accomplished goals?

Have an awesome day


PS: Yeah start focusing on actions. I talk about that in BootCamp, and I think you should join us.

Photo by: mshipp