You should never wait to pursue a dream or add value out of fear that you lack the “right stuff.” High Performance happens because of what you deliberately think and do on a routine basis in order to excel and serve at higher levels. – High Performance Habits

I started writing WordPress tutorials as soon as I learned something. I still keep random technical ramblings around. When I started writing about WordPress, it was beginner stuff.

I had no idea what unit testing was.

I couldn’t dig through a Genesis theme because it’s use of hooks baffled me.

There was so much that had me feeling like a child stumbling through unknown territory.

Now, much of that seems effortless. I provided value, and my old technical blog brought in around $15k a year in clients seeing me solve problems and then paying me to solve more problems for them.

It paid off in getting to know people like Pippin, who now recommends my services through his vast array of plugins.

I didn’t have the “right stuff.” There are still many programmers that are much better than me. I read business books at night; they write more code on projects that interest them.

You get the “right stuff” by doing something.

What are you doing?

Have an awesome day!


PS: If you need help doing something instead of just talking about it, I can help get your time and tasks under control.

Photo by: kwl