12.9 iPad Pro Homescreen 2019


I’ve been doing my iPad life on a 9.7” iPad Pro for my iPad fist workflow. Yes it worked. Yes I found that I was more focused with the iPad Pro and think that iOS is an operating system that lends itself to focus over traditional desktop systems. The constraints it brings had me publish almost 325,000 words on various blogs over the course of 2018.

Still, as I did more video work the speed of the 9.7” and the small storage footprint (128GB) was starting to make it so much more difficult to do my work. I’d have to play a cloud file juggling game every time I wanted to import more video to run a project. Well, December was decent in my business and my wife and I were both concerned about the age of my computers, so we put some money into future proofing the business by purchasing an iPad Pro 12.9”.

That brings you to today, as I talk about the iPad Pro and how I use it.

Few notes if you don’t watch the video.

Some of the videos and writing I’ve done on why I love iOS

Why I Think iOS is a more productive operating system