Put Your Marriage on Pause

If you think you can just press pause on your relationship for a decade or more while you both focus on raising children and having careers it’s likely that you won’t have a relationship to pay attention to when you’re finally ready. – Startup Life

I have three kids 8 and younger. I’m running a business and still finishing out a transition in exactly what I do day-to-day. My wife is moving into a new position at the local figure skating club and is working to grow it. The skating club is very much like getting a new business off the ground.

It’s hard to find date time, at least in the traditional adults head out and a babysitter comes version. True, we’ll do that tomorrow but last week’s date was some restaurant food after the kids went to bed.

Most date’s have been that lately. Cuddling on the couch…and sometimes more adult fun.

Don’t put your marriage on pause if you want to have one in 10 years.

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