September 9th, 2020

Chris Lawley’s iPad Workflow

Yup I follow his channel.

Part 1: Morning Routine

In part I was mostly interested to see Things and Fantastical in split view. It's pertinent to the Time Blocking course I'm working on. If you want to get notified about that subscribe

Part 2: File Management, Writing Code, Git...

Most interested here in how he codes. I was using Working Copy, but stopped. There was some friction in it with my site and Shortcuts so it felt like a broken system I was always fixing. Maybe it's because the "posts" on my site are over 2500 individual files. Working Copy just took a while and timed out regularly when I ran my Shortcut. I'll check back in on this when iPadOS 14 ships in it's final form.

I absolutely get the frustration of trying to write code in blog posts. Maybe I need to write my code posts for my clients in Textastic instead of always correcting stuff in iA Writer.

I've written about how I code on my iPad a few times already. I stick with Vim on a remote server. Textastic comes in to my workflow every month or so.

Part 3 is coming.