Nipun Batra shares how he setup his iPad to do development. I like Blink Shell more than a-Shell. I have also found that FTP clients like SecureShell aren’t as nice as using SCP and transferring a zipped file. Moving a zipped file is so much faster and more reliable. I wonder what impact more RAM in the latest M1 iPad would have on SecureShell being a more reliable client?

I’m still using a VPS and Blink and Mosh to connect. tmux is also invaluable. Then I love vim so I code with that. The biggest pain point is that I regularly do frontend stuff now and while Inspect works, it’s not as nice and any desktop browser’s developer tools.

In fact, I use the exact same setup to code from macOS, still connecting to the same VPS and the power of tmux lets me pick up where I left off.

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