PKM Weekly for February 12 2022 – Issue 006

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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

I liked this post by Anders Thoresson about data longevity in your note process. He advocates for plaintext for the absolute data portability of simple text files.

This was an interesting article about how Zettelkasten helps you remember threads of research months or years later.

Jamie talks about how his notes help him with recall, even if it’s not going into some big system.

Here is how that same Jamie does his note links.

Sébastien talks about why you should be taking notes when you read non-fiction books.

Ben talks about his book note workflow and taking notes on programming topics. I especially like his recommendation to name notes like you’d Google the information.

Here is a good way to use Readwise prompts to get some journaling done.

Task management in PKM? Here is one way to do it in logseq, though I don’t love the idea of task management in PKM systems.

Yes it focuses on Roam, but do you really use the bidirectional links of your system?

Eleanor doubled her writing output in 2019 with Zettelkasten and Obsidian.


If you’re on macOS Hook is an interesting application. Here is a video on using it with BBEdit.

If you’ve been looking for a way to take notes on podcasts, Jeffery shows you his Snipd workflow.

I did a video comparing Craft and Obsidian and making recommendations for when you should choose one over the other.

NotePlan 3.4 came out with support for Merlin Project and improved split view workflows.


It’s not public yet but here is a screenshot of the iOS app running.

It’s an older post, but this Zettelkasten tour is getting traction in the RemNote forum again.

One person is having issues with a blank RemNote folder if you can help I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Sticky headers are in the lab.


logseq is looking to hire some frontend developers.

It’s FOSS profiled logseq.

Here is a demo using logseq and Zotero together.

Here is a vote for logseq as the best option to manage research PDF’s.

Hopefully only 2-3 weeks for logseq sync.

If you’re interested in making logseq plugins, check this event out


Sight Portal is a Craft extension I’m going to have to dig into

If you’re looking at moving from NotePlan to Craft, Reddit is recommending my video since both NotePlan and Obsidan are based on .md files which means my video should be applicable.

Did you know you can change the highlight colour in Craft?

The Todoist extension for Craft has been updated. It addresses some of the issues I had when I looked at it.

Some thoughts on Craft’s PDF workflow.

JelyCraft added a bunch of features this week.


If you’ve been wondering about building an Obsidian theme here is a long video to get you started.

I did a video on Vantage, which can help you deal with building complex search queries in Obsidian.

The notecard system used by Ryan Holiday and Robert Green…with Dataview in Obsidian.

Remember you can sync Obsidian without the subscription to Obsidian sync.

TFTHacker talked about the Core Design Principles of Obsidian.

Christian shared a template to manage projects in Obsidian.

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