PKM Weekly for February 20 2022 – Issue 007

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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Sebastian takes a short look at logical thinking.

Andres on how Readwise solves the three needs he has in digital highlighting.

Why note taking is an underrated productivity tool.

Here is how Rachel uses Obsidian as a Product Manager, which certainly can be applied to many other PKM tools. She talks about how she does customer interviews, how she tracks product features, and how she tracks the product vision.

MakingHistory talks about zeroing out all the stuff that Readwise and other tools bring into his system. I know we’ve all felt the guilt of falling behind all the notes that are coming into our systems.

Maybe the solution to remembering what you read is reading less and processing the ideas more.

Here is Matt’s blogging workflow which includes Matter and Obsidian (and other tools).

Outlining a book with a physical Zettelkasten.

This was a great article about writing down notes so we can forget them.

Jamie talks about what he learned from his Evernote organization and how he applies those lessons to his current note system.

Here is a tour of the notecard system that Ryan Holiday uses to track his reading. I always love the feeling of using analog systems, but they often become far too cumbersome to maintain.

For the daily journal people, here is a look at doing a journal physically for those with ADHD.

Morgan shares her “fun efficient” note system for working on a PhD.

I enjoyed seeing how Becki uses Milanote to plan her YouTube videos. Not quite PKM related, but we’re not always only taking notes about research, and sometimes you need something visual.

Sébastien Dubois talked about how he captures book notes and turns them into smart notes.


Jeffery shows us how to integrate Readwise and Shortform.

An ode to Notion as your PKM tool.

Just heard about Thunk Notes. It looks pretty nice and here they are talking about folding headings and Twitter threads.


Remnote provided a tutorial of their settings page.

Advanced Queries 1.7 has been released and there is a call out for practical examples of how people are using it.

LaTex formatting tip for chemical formulas.


This video is over an hour but it’s going to teach you the fundamentals of logseq in 70 minutes.

There is a call for improvement in the logseq API docs. Docs are hard for any team, but the smaller the team the bigger percentage of resources is spent when you work on docs. I wish more companies would put more effort into good documentation.

How about some Roam importer improvements?

If you have a PDF -> notes workflow in loqseq you can share it in the forums.


Eric featured Craft this week for an app spotlight.

The Sweet Setup talked about how Craft’s Event based notes are awesome for time-blocking.

Craft had a lot of changes with version 2.1. There are now Teams plans that make collaboration easier. They also added the ability to have more than 1 Craft account so you can keep work and personal apart. You can see all the changes here.

Looks like March for Craft extensions on mobile devices.

If you’re changing from an AppStore subscription to one direct from Craft, your data is safe.

Here is a Shortcut to publish from Craft to WordPress.


Jamie wrote about how he automates the numbers on his journal entries in Obsidian.

Daryl did a good job with some basic getting started recommendations for Obsidian.

Not a recent post, but here is a reflection on 100 days with Obsidian and how it helped Ton get back to his ideal note workflow.

I did a video on 1 excellent plugin for Obsidian on mobile devices. Then TFTHacker shared his setup with the same plugin.

This is a good “getting started” video if you’re feeling overwhelmed by Obsidian.

There is another nice “getting started” with Obsidian video which clocks in at over 60 minutes.


Here are some workflow tips for tagging and collating Roam daily entries.

If you’re wanting to use Roam to review books, check out these tips.

Do you know a way to remind someone of relevant notes in their Roam graph while they’re browsing notes?

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