WordPress StackExchange Question of the Week – November 15 – 21

This weeks question is more a round up of WordPress resources. If you’re interested in WordPress development then hit up this list and start reading the blogs of some of the brightest minds in WordPress. Truth to tell there are probably more resources here than most people could go through on a regular basis.

You Make Your Comments Suck

Today Smashing Magazine published a thoughtful article on the state of blog comments. They cite our lack of time, A+++ comments, and a bunch of other stuff while they talk to us about the lack of meaningful conversation in posts. Sure we’re all flying this way and that way online in our lives but I […]

Adobe Makes Goodish

So you read my rant that published last night about Adobe confirming a platform change for CS4 with their online support. Then when talking to them about actually doing it, now that a $2000 computer is in the house, the story changed. It seems that @MilesForrest sent that blog post on to Adobe and a […]

Building High Quality WordPress Themes

Lately I’ve been working through WordPress documentation on the recommended best practices for building WordPress themes. I figure that going through all the recommendations of WordPress not only teaches me how to be a better WordPress developer but also lets me server my clients better (and doing the best work for my clients is what […]

Tips on Picking a WordPress Plugin

On many of my long term projects my clients are heavily involved in the development cycles. We mark everything that’s not in the current cycle as a ‘future feature’ and collect information on it as we work out the items that are currently marked as features. Often, as we look at a particular piece of […]

Threshold Ladders – Cycling Interval Workout

Threshold ladders is an awesome interval workout to improve your lactic acid clearing ability. After your 60 second all out sprint it should be really hard to keep up the pace at 8 for 3 minutes. If you’re doing it right it should get harder as you do more sets. Don’t repeat this workout twice […]

Cycling Question of the Week – November 8 – 14

Lots of us commute at some point. Sure I work out of my house but I still ride in to the next town once or twice a week to attend meetings, or I run out to the store on my bike. Well, what are some advanced bike handling skills and how do I learn them? […]

WordPress Stackexchange Question of the Week – November 8 -14

Ever been interested in synchronizing WordPress user accounts across multiple domains? Well you weren’t the only one. There are a few answers to this one already but one seems to be far more complete. I personally can’t speak to it’s correctness but I’m watching the comments on it since there may come a time when […]

Time Trial Pace

This is a great workout to concentrate specifically on increasing your Time Trial Pace. This is a hard workout and shouldn’t be repeated on back to back days or more than twice in a week. Warm up for 10 minutes Jump to 7 out of 10 effort (just above regular time trial pace) for 10 […]

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