Some tips to get through New Zealand’s digital strip search

So New Zealand has one of the worst laws regarding your rights to any type of digital privacy. At the border, they can now demand, your PINs, passwords, and biometric unlocking of your devices. If that sounds like it sucks to you, then here are some suggestions to make yourself just a bit more secure. […]

On Reading Lots of Books

This article by Darius Foroux got me thinking more about my reading schedule. My current aim is to read a single book a week. As you can see on my Goodreads Profile, I’ve been averaging more than that for a few years. What I haven’t done is re-read the best books, and I rarely read […]

How Does Distracted Parenting Affect Kids

In this interesting article from The Atlantic, we find that it’s a big deal to have our interactions with our children interrupted by notifications. Based on the title, and my own thoughts, this was the outcome I expected from the article. It does drive home how pronounced the affect is, particularly in younger children. We’re […]

How Simon Reads

I’m a sucker for the ways that others interact with books and take notes on the things they’re reading. Simon’s post is very detailed, covering the four main steps in reading books. Sourcing Choosing Reading Processing He even has some fancy scripts that send Amazon books to Airtable and then … that part got to […]

Has Screentime changed your behaviour?

Chris Bowler got me thinking about Screentime again. We have no limits set up on my kid yet. When I see other share their reports, I’m wishing my phone wildly less than most and for very different things. Here is my pickup report for today. I’ve averaged 14 per day over 7 days. If the […]

Shawn Blanc on how he reads

While Shawn wakes up an hour before his kids to workout and read, I set aside the first working hour of every day to read. We both share the same thought. To be candid, I don’t read nearly as much as I’d like to. I would love to read and study and research and write […]

Homeless mobility

So the dockless scooters are helping homeless people move around. When I was on Vancouver Island last summer I saw many signs that hitchhiking was illegal and big fines would happen. The last two winters have seen unusual amounts of snow in Chilliwack that wasn’t cleared from side streets or sidewalks for weeks on end. […]

Freelance Friday 027 – Oct 12 2018

Well the office is coming together, and I had a great talk recently with Jason Resnick. We’re working on something for Black Friday to help you get clients and make sure that you have the time to do your marketing duties. It’s far to easy to know what you should do to get clients, and […]

Taking the kids to work?

Austin Kleon writes about his kids spending lots of time in his office. It sounds so good, but then I think about the focused time I need and wonder how I could do it. Could I set up a bit of an art table and then spend more time with them doing art and hanging […]

On kids and screens

Doug has a short summary of some myths about kids and screens. The one I struggle with is number 3 that screen time is wasted when compared to outside time. I have the article Doug referenced in my queue to read so we shall see if my mind is changed. I’ve watched my 4 year […]

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