Why Do we Hate Networking Events?

I follow Ali on YouTube, but haven’t tried out the podcast until today. I particularly enjoyed their thoughts on having friends over from different backgrounds so that you mix up who people know. The idea of social optionality is also interesting.

Simple Tips for Organizing a Networking Event

Networking is an essential part of business. However, it’s not always easy to find the right networking event for you and your business. If you can’t find something suitable, maybe it’s time take a cue from Benjamin Franklin and start the group you’ve been looking for? Creating your own networking event doesn’t have to be […]

Do You Know Where Good Ideas Come From

I think that a question that is asked often by anyone with a bit of drive is, how on earth do you come up with a good idea? How did Charles Darwin, or Steve Jobs, or Hedy Lamarr come up with the ground breaking ideas and technology that they are credited with. This question is […]

Ethical App Design Video

I’m writing a piece for a client on ethical app design and came across this video on the topic. The last few seconds made me laugh.

This is Not the WordPress You’re Looking For

Overall, I’m not happy with the direction that decisions in WordPress have gone. This is not the WordPress I fell in love with. Links Jetpack adding search recommendations WP Tavern on admin notices WooCommerce adding suggestions My Gear My gear: https://curtismchale.ca/my-gear Patreon: https://patreon.com/curtismchale Music: https://curtismchale.ca/epidemic

How I Take Notes on the Books I Read

I’m a voracious reader by almost any measure. The biggest thing I don’t feel like I have enough time for is reading books. Yes I enjoy reading web articles, but immersing myself in a book is really what I love to do. In today’s video I’m going to talk about: How I keep track of […]

Freelance Friday 049 – April 5 2019

While I did not get out my video on how I deal with book notes last week, I did get it all done for Monday. I also wrote and recorded another episode of Should I Read It on Where Good Ideas Come From which will be out Wednesday. On the whole, I think the week […]

On Journalling

Haven’t read the article yet, but it comes from Rafal so I count that as a solid recommendation. It’s in my Instapaper queue for Friday afternoon reading.

Famous Female Inventors

I’ve been reading a bunch about innovation and didn’t realize that there were few female inventors being cited. So I went looking for some examples and came across this site of famous female inventors. I’m sure there are more, but this was the first thing I found that matched what I was looking for.

My Review of Apps to turn your iPad into a Second Screen

You can read the whole thing over at The Sweet Setup. my biggest surprise was that Luna Display didn’t win. I was ready for that to happen and then I turned on Air Display 3 and well it was as good if not better if you want a second screen, plus it’s $9.99 instead of […]

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