Should I Read It 011 – Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

In today’s episode we’re going to look at how to have your best year ever with Michael Hyatt. Purchase Your Best Year Ever on Amazon Written Review of Best Year Ever In our next review we’re going to look at the networks of connections we have around is as we look at Connected by Christakis […]

Freelance Friday Volume 005 – May 11 2018

Sometimes weeks go well, and sometimes you have a few days with over 8 hours on the clock. I had one of the former this week with two days of 8 hours of solid “focus” time. One thing I noticed is that the second day once I crossed 5 1/2 hours is that I was […]

Should I Read It 010 – Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice The Work in Half The Time

This is our third stop to look at an Agile productivity model. Purchase Scrum on Amazon Written review of Scrum by Jeff Sutherland I know we’re already part way through the year, but our next episode will cover how to have your Best Year Ever according to Michael Hyatt. Resources Extreme Programming The Productivity Show […]

Don’t Get Stuck in Waterfall Development, look at Scrum

It’s only been a few weeks since I reviewed Extreme Programming and really not that long since I looked at Personal Kanban and we’re back in the Agile field with a look at one of the foundational books on Scrum. You can find the audio review of Scrum here. Subscribe to Should I Read It […]

More Talk about Your 10 Constraints

Welcome to The Smart Business Show, now on a Wednesday. Moving forward, this will be the day that we launch the show. Today I’m talking about your 10 constraints. These are the 10 things I think you need to dig into if you want to get more stuff done. Far from being something that holds […]

Should I Read it 009 – High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

Today we’re going to look at High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. It’s intended to be a research backed look at what it takes for people to be great. That makes it similar to Great at Work from episode 6. Purchase High Performance Habits on Amazon In our next episode we’re going to take another […]

Getting Started with Bullet Journalling For Web Developers

For a while now I’ve been writing about my Analogue Productivity system. I started with the 10 Constraints you need and the 1 Action you Should Be Taking. Today we’re going to dig into the basics of the Bullet Journal system so that you’re familiar with it. Next week we’ll look at exactly how I […]

Must be nice to have such a “cushy” job

I got an email from a local web agency recently. I’ve done work for them in the past and it’s been okay to work with them. Nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible. Recently we were talking about more work and when I talked about my limited schedule the owner took a bit of exception with that. […]

How do you become someone that executes on ideas?

While it’s great to have a whole bunch of productivity knowledge, so many people engage in what’s called productivity porn. They read about doing more better. They can tell you all the features of the task management apps out there and what each application is doing wrong. They’re happy to pontificate on the virtues of […]

Should You Read it 008 – Execute by Josh Long and Drew Wilson

Today we’re going to look at Execute by Josh Long and Drew Wilson. This is all about how to ship work, not get stuck in the ideation stage. Purchase Execute Written review of Execute In our next episode we’re going to look at High Performance Habits by Brendan Burchard. If you’ve been longing for another […]

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