Nothing to Hide…Can I Have Your Phone for 10 Minutes?

Read this if you’ve got nothing to hide: If someone says they have nothing to hide, ask them to unlock their phone and give it to you for ten minutes. If they hesitate they will have realized it’s nice to keep some things to yourself. Many of us (including myself) have been far to permissive […]

Put Your Marriage on Pause

If you think you can just press pause on your relationship for a decade or more while you both focus on raising children and having careers it’s likely that you won’t have a relationship to pay attention to when you’re finally ready. – Startup Life I have three kids 8 and younger. I’m running a […]

Some Thoughts on the WWDC 2019 Keynote

Yes, Apple announced a bunch more stuff than I’m going to talk about today. I didn’t care about most of it, or at least they weren’t the features that got me excited. You can view the keynote here. iPadOS Yup we have a dedicated iOS variant call iPadOS that is only focused on building apps […]

Sign in With Apple Is a Bad Idea

One of the features that Apple said was awesome for iOS 13 and iPadOS is “Sign in with Apple”. This feature is aimed at security for Apple device users. No more giving your email to shady companies that are going to sell it to the world so you now get random ads for toilet paper […]

BS Called on 70 Hour Weeks

From Jason Shen on Fast Company: Have there been times where I was stressed and working long hours to get everything done? Sure. Has it ever been anything near 80 hours in a single week? No way. I can feel my mental sharpness decline in the late afternoon, and the best way for me to […]

Logitech Slim Folio Pro for 12.9” iPad Pro – A Review

While previous iPad’s I’ve owned started as consumption devices and then turned into productivity devices my purchase of an iPad Pro 12.9” over Christmas was fully focused on making the iPad my primary working machine. Over 6-months in, and with a 1 month old Mac Mini, I can say that this has largely been achieved. […]

Target Lot’s of Fish

From Justin Jackson: Many of the problems entrepreneurs face are related to targeting a niche where there aren’t a lot of fish, or the fish aren’t biting. Does that sound like the niche you’re targeting? Also, as Justin says later, you need to find something that these “lots of fish” actually want. If it’s a […]

Opening My Workflows to Break System Lock in and Tracking

For about 10 years now I’ve been a happy Apple user, though lately I’ve been less happy with at least some of their offerings. My biggest issue lately has been that I don’t like their laptop line at all. Even if I was to ignore the keyboard woes plaguing their butterfly keyboards, I don’t think […]

Kid’s Want Time Not Toys

Short cute story about what a kid really wants. And that’s when it hit me. My daughter wasn’t holding on to the memory of playing with these specific dolls. She was holding on to the memory of playing with me. Time and money had been wasted when I could have simply used the toys we […]

Cal Newport: Sorrow and Pleasure of No Screen

Find the whole article here but this is what stood out to me. She ended up cancelling the Netflix subscription she previously relied on to escape from life. It stood out because I’ve been thinking seriously about it for a while now. I guess I should talk to my wife about cutting the Netflix subscription […]

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