The Distraction Free iPhone

Jake Knapp and shutting the distraction out of his iPhone which was spurred on by an honest question from his kid. “Dad, why are you looking at your phone?” He wasn’t trying to make me feel bad or anything. He was just curious. But I didn’t have a good answer. So why was I looking […]

On the future book

Craig Mod writes in Wired that though we envisioned some futuristic multi-dimensional book that would just go deeper when we picked something to focus on, this book is not here. What we do have is books written in email newsletters. Books funded on Kickstarter. Books in audio format. Our Future Book is composed of email, […]

Merry Christmas Edition: Freelance Friday 037 – Dec 21 2018

Well it’s Christmas next week so I’ll be off for two weeks. There are a few episodes of Should I Read It scheduled already, but that’s it after today. You can see my Merry Christmas goodbye video now: In short, I’m ending The Smart Business Show after almost 250 episodes. It’s not catching so I’ll […]

On the Kindle Paperwhite

Justin Tadlock says: The second complaint I have is mostly a non-issue when you spend 99% of your time actually reading. The Kindle isn’t quite as responsive to swiping and tapping as modern cell phones and tablets. I imagine this has to do with the technology being different and geared toward the reading experience. It’s […]

Planning Your Content Strategy with Sticky Notes

Today’s video is a walk through how I went over my content and planned the types of content I’d be doing in the future. Some questions left unanswered: How do I measure success for different channels? What are the steps to success in the channels? What is my single metric that matters currently? (Probably email […]

A Guidebook to Get Your Business Running Like Clockwork

One of the biggest frustrations businesses face is feeling like they’re running all over the place and getting nowhere. This is especially true of solo business owners that are doing so much of the work. This is where Clockwork by Michael Michalowicz is here to help. Probably the biggest takeaway from the book is that […]

Software Development is Not About Code

From Mario: Software engineering is not about code. It’s about solving business problems through code deployed on top of a set of servers, running on a given operating system, interacting via the network and the like. I agree and have written about the most valuable thing you have is your ability to make decisions. If […]

Rebecca Renner on 6-months of freelance writing

I think the first 2 paragraphs open this up on the right tone: I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but all of my life, people told me it wasn’t a feasible career. Man, I love proving people wrong. It does take some of that boldness to run your own business. If you’re not willing […]

6 Awesome Books of 2018 and one that SUCKED

One of the critiques of my reading is the question around how much information could possibly stick if I’m reading more than 52 self-help, business books in a year. The truth is that many of them don’t stick. A bunch of the books feel like repeat information and have a single chapter that stands out […]

Embrace the pigeonhole

I just finished Steve’s book and it’s great. If you want to here him talk about niching down and why it’s important not to be a penguin, listen to this podcast.

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