I need to get back to book reviews

Thomas Oppong: Learning comes down to two things: repetition, and connecting new information to existing knowledge. And Learn for 50% of the time and explain what you learn for 50% of the time. You’ll notice a lack of book reviews. I haven’t stopped reading but with attempting to see what’s up with YouTube I haven’t […]

You Focus on what you don’t have

Oliver Burkeman for The Guardian: When you don’t have enough of something, you fixate on it, so it occupies much more mental bandwidth. If you’re not sure you’ll have enough money to feed your family all this month, you have an obvious problem, but also a non-obvious one: the toll on your mental resources, research […]

On Hybrid Digital and Analog Task Management

If you’re looking for a solution for this, check out this thread in The Productivity Guild. I do a hybrid system, which I wrote about in Analogue Productivity, and showed off in my March planning video.

Freelance Friday 045 – March 8 2019

While we got some snow this week my children were disappointed that there were no school closures. Do you remember listening to the radio before your parents even got up to see if school was closed? I certainly do, and I remember the world of possibility that was opened up with an extra day to […]

WPMU Dev, Reviews and Having your Views Challenged

Late last year WPMU Dev got in touch with me to talk about a blog post from 2011 that was critical of their upgrade notices. Well, that podcast just got released and it’s a great one. After listening to it I have a few thoughts. They were on the cutting edge To start this conversation, […]

March 2019 Plan with me

There are only a few changes in how I’m planning out my month for March 2019, and one hole I’m not sure how to fill yet. That hole is tracking projects. I have them in Things, but I’m still not always convinced that I have a solid handle on them. I’d love to know how […]

If you carry your phone at all times…your kids will notice

Cal Newport: This latter point is one that we parents sometimes don’t want to hear, but it keeps coming up in my conversations: if you carry your phone with you at all times, checking it constantly, it’s difficult to convince your kids not to do the same, no matter how many rules you set or […]

Mark Manson on Changing Yourself with Willpower

Mark Manson: Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve tried to change your behavior through sheer willpower. And chances are, you also failed miserably. Don’t feel bad! This is what happens most of the time. Made me think of Atomic Habits and designing our environment for success. If you eat sweets all the […]

I keep grabbing my phone

Kevin Rose for The New York Times: For the rest of the week, I became acutely aware of the bizarre phone habits I’d developed. I noticed that I reach for my phone every time I brush my teeth or step outside the front door of my apartment building, and that, for some pathological reason, I […]

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