On playing the long game

From Farnam Street There is an old saying that I think of often, but I’m not sure where it comes from: If you do what everyone else is doing, you shouldn’t be surprised to get the same results everyone else is getting. This is part of the reason I write a bit every day. What […]

6 Tips to Bring Sanity to the Overwhelmed Creative

Yes I wrote a book all about Analogue Productivity, but in September 2018 I started looking longingly at task managers and project management tools again. I gave 2Do a shot, then looked at the upgrade pricing for OmniFocus. I tinkered with the idea that Things 3 was the update that would work for me. I […]

The temptation to reschedule

Since then I have realized that the temptation not to follow through is compounded by ease. Never has canceling, for example, been easier and less painful for us than it is in the age of the text message. We can cancel without ever having to speak with, much less meet, someone. We can cancel five […]

James Clear on Habits

I’ve already got my copy of Atomic Habits, but listening to this podcast with James Clear made me even more excited to read it. I don’t even know what part to recommend because there were so many awesome parts in the show. Just go listen to it.

Freelance Friday 029 – Oct 26 2018

This week my email list helped me choose the cover for my upcoming book. You’ll see a preorder soon, which will have the lowest pricing for the book. Make sure you grab it then. Other than that, good week with a routine getting established again after a move and a few weeks of family being […]

Should I Read It 030 – Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

Should I Read It 030 – Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

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Businesses are looking for an expert

So when a business has decided that they want their app built using Ionic as the ‘Ionic developer’ who is working on the project you are seen as the expert. Not only should you be able to develop an app with Ionic, but you need to be able to guide the business through the process […]

If you want to start freelancing, you need to do some planning first

So you want to go freelance. I get it, running your own business can offer so much freedom. It can also crash and burn if you don’t have a plan. Today I talk about these things that you need to have in your plan before you get going: Plan some savings, ideally 6 months Get […]

When You Don’t Feel Like You’re Doing Great Work

I re-read the transcript this morning while I was once more feeling exasperated with how little time I’ve had for writing lately. (For me, writing is my yardstick for productivity. It doesn’t matter how much other work I’ve been doing behind the scenes here; if I’m not publishing, I’m not happy.) What the author has […]

Battling Procrastination

From Darius Foroux: Every time I put off a decision, hit the snooze button, skipped the gym, or didn’t complete my tasks because I didn’t feel like it, I always had an explanation for my continual procrastination. I told myself I was tired. Or that it could wait until tomorrow. Who cares if you put […]

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