Tall Poppies Provide Value, It’s Time To Be One

Here’s a baseline fact about selling: People buy from people they like. You will never have the opportunity to pitch your products or services if you’re not first authentically connecting to your potential client. – From Frustrated To Frickin Awesome Do you know who your audience is? Are you speaking to them? A few months […]

Making Decisions the Extreme Programming Way

One of the key thoughts if you want to implement extreme programming is that there are two types of decisions. First, you have business decisions. What features are most needed? What brings the highest value to the business? Second, we have technical decisions. How are the features implemented in the project? Each of these decisions […]

Freelance Saturday Volume 3 April 21 2018

Welcome to another weekly edition of Freelance Saturday. Here is some solid reading and listening you can do in the next week to help make your business even more awesome. If you have article ideas, hit reply with a link and I’ll check them out. 210: 8 Steps to Launching Your Own Mastermind Group — […]

Should I Read it 004: When by Daniel Pink

In today’s episode we’re going to look at When by Daniel Pink. When is all about the timing of events in life. Everything from, when is the best time to start something, to how should be you organizing your day so you can get the maximum amount of work done. Purchase When on Amazon Original […]

I’ve got a new podcast and I need your help

I know that some of you have been reading my book reviews. A few of you have even sent me books to read as a gift because you wanted me to dig into it. Well thanks for all of that. As of today I’ve got a new podcast called Should I Read It. This is […]

What will you do next week to build your marketing?

Today I’m talking about a set of emails from Mario. Mario emailed me and said: I started my business (development shop) last year and hired two developers to help me with the projects, I want to grow my business. Lately I’m getting trouble to get more leads (and projects) and now most of my revenue […]

What is Extreme Programming and How Do You Do It?

One of the discussions I’ve had many times with clients has circled the topic of the decisions we make today in our work and how it will affect the cost of future work. We are always endeavouring to not paint ourselves into a corner. Common wisdom would say this is impossible, at least the common […]

It takes 10 Constraints and 1 Action to be Awesome

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered a bunch of content out of my new book Analogue Productivity, which is all about bringing more value to your work by embracing the constraints of a pen and paper. To start there are 10 key constraints that I use when choosing a productivity system and getting awesome […]

If you want to get more done, plan your day based on energy

Just like a muscle, our brains only have so much energy. We can’t sit and focus for hours without end. Most research shows us that we have about 50 minutes of focus followed by a 15 – 20 minute break. We can follow this cycle for around three hours and then we’re fried. We had […]

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