Why Use WordPress for your Business

Yes, there are lots of CMS options out there and while some may suit different needs, there is currently a clear champion and it’s name is WordPress. Over my 10+ years building sites I’ve worked with a huge variety of businesses and for all of them we’ve turned I to WordPress. I’ve helped people sell […]

Justin is reading The Wheel of Time

Justin started to dig into The Wheel of Time. I’ve read it twice so if there is one piece of advice it’s that book 4 or 5 feels very repetitive. Stick with it and the rest of the set pays off in so many ways.

Jofelo Journal Review

I do love me some notebooks, but I’ve generally stuck with the official Bullet Journal because it’s a good size and the paper is nice. I like the dot-grid format. Recently Jofelo got in touch and wanted to send me a journal to try. I admit I wasn’t expecting a lot when I looked at […]

Freelance Friday 039 – January 25 2019

Up in Chilliwack we’re experiencing an odd winter. Way less rain than normal and it’s so much warmer than normal as well. Not quite t-shirt weather, but certainly only a sweater and you’re warm enough. We recently did an experiment with our kids and cut almost all the screen time for the week. Our youngest […]

Tim Ferriss and Greg McKeown talk Essentialism

Listen to the whole episode here. First off, I read the book and thought it was terrible so I almost skipped this podcast episode. I’m so glad I was running and it was just a bit difficult to reach into my bag to grab my phone and turn it off because this was a great […]

Is it harder to do web stuff now?

DHH writes: But as The Great Divide points out, regression is lurking, because the industry is making it too hard to work directly with the web. The towering demands inherent in certain ways of working with JavaScript are rightfully scaring some designers off from implementing their ideas at all. That’s a travesty. I know as […]

Dan Moren’s writing income

Dan: Yep, that’s my income breakdown from 2018. I’m not going to break out dollar figures here, as that’s just something I’m not comfortable with right now, but to put this overall chart in context, my gross income does not reach six figures. In part this gives me hope for my writing because I’m really […]

Is a Book Summary Really Reading?

From Jamie: I’ve been thinking about abridgments lately because of an ad that keeps popping up on Facebook. It’s for a service called Blinkist. The service claims it allows you to “fit reading into your life.” It does this by providing short (15 minute or so) key takeaways of popular nonfiction books. I took a […]

How Meal Planning Saved our Bacon

We didn’t know it when we did our meal prep, but we were in for a hard week of sickness. One adult was running a high fever and all of the kids got sick too. Without the work we put in on this Saturday, we would have been hard pressed to keep everything together for […]

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