Should I Read It 017 – Switch

If you’ve ever tried to make some changes in your life or in your organization then you should have read today’s book first. Purchase Switch on Amazon Written Review of Switch This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by The 8 Week Business Bootcamp. If you’re tired of struggling with your […]

Part of the independent writers dilemma

Paywalls for writing: I want to publish all my creative work for free, and I am at my most creative when I have a reliable income. I feel the same way. I currently offer a membership which has a video course and gets you all my books for free. It also acts as a down […]

Why Yearly Goals are Terrible

I published this in June, where we’re just on the other side of the time of year that most people have stopped looking at their goals. They made some awesome New Year’s resolutions which have now fallen by the wayside. It was all good intentions and little follow through. That’s because yearly goals suck. Over […]

Don’t just run faster

Calm the storm However, in the fits and starts of life, I think I am slowly getting better at realizing that the feeling of pending implosion should be a trigger to slow down, not speed up. Thinking that I will alleviate the pressure by accomplishing more has proven, on many occasions, to be counterproductive Useful […]

Canada isn’t quite Swiss but we aren’t American either

Very interesting article on Switzerland versus the US. Canada is not as bad as the US but we are not Swiss either. Seems to me we have similar sentiments around guilt and vacation time or a working lunch as the US. We also have similar taxes, though we don’t tax non-residents. We do have decent […]

Does a Comment Help Your Mission?

Regarding the statements me make and into what context we make them, just yesterday we talked about this at the bible college I am on the board of. One of the points we made as we talked about the statements we make in to the world is how long we have to make it. Are […]

What if Crazy Facebook Targeting Happened in a Friend?

Speaking of how much Facebook knows about you and what if it was a friend that could target you with some crazy accuracy like Facebook? They could be an amazing boon to your life. Or they could be a nightmare. It all depends on what they do with the information, and how well you can […]

Freelance Friday 008 – June 1 2018

This week I’ve been taking some rest from all my outdoor activities as I work to heal up a bit of a nagging injury. It’s hard when you want to be outside running to take that time off. Just like it’s hard to take a step back from work when you’re driven to succeed. Remember […]

Charlie Munger Quotes on reading

So, just after talking about reading I find these quotes by Charlie Munger on reading. My favourite: We read a lot. I don’t know anyone who’s wise who doesn’t read a lot. But that’s not enough: You have to have a temperament to grab ideas and do sensible things. Most people don’t grab the right […]

How do we bring reading back?

From ajay: How do we bring reading back? I ask myself this question as well but have a hard time finding an answer because I love to read. Heck I have a whole podcast dedicated to helping you find books that are going to matter to you. Maybe it starts with kids? I mean my […]

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