Don’t Care About iOS on The Mac

From Brent Simmons: I’ve heard more than once that at WWDC we’ll learn about how we can run iOS apps on Macs. I’m worried, of course, that this will lead to the further degradation of the Mac UI, and even less incentive for developers to write Mac apps. I actually care less and less about […]

Yup surfing the internet is overwhelming

From Tyler Cowan “Is surfing the internet dead?” Ten to fifteen years ago, I remember the joys of just finding things, clicking links through to other links, and in general meandering through a thick, messy, exhilarating garden. Yup he acknowledges that much of the content is either behind a paywall, or in silos that suck […]

Should I Read It 016 – The 10x Marketing Formula

If you’ve wondered what great content marketing looks like, then today’s book is for you. Purchase The 10x Marketing Formula on Amazon Written Review of The 10x Marketing Formula This episode of Should I Read It is brought to you by The 8 Week Business Bootcamp. If you’re tired of struggling with your business, tired […]

10% improvement is average no one wants to be average

How much marketing are you doing? Are you doing content marketing? Are you seeking any traction from your efforts? Do you have a single metric that you’re measuring to gauge your traction? Many businesses wouldn’t like the answers to these questions. They may be doing marketing, but it’s not getting traction. They have no single […]

The Smart Business Show – Most People Don’t Know You Exist

Sure, some of the people in a market have considered you (and even rejected you). But most of the people in the market have never even heard of you. The market doesn’t have just one mind. Different people in the market are seeking different things. – The Dip They haven’t heard of you because you’re […]

Should I Read It 015 – Paid To Think

In today’s episode of Should I Read it, we’re going to look at Paid to Think by David Goldsmith. If you’re a big list person, then this is going to be a book you love. Not so much in to lists, then maybe skip it. Purchase Paid To Think on Amazon Written Review of Paid […]

How Analogue Productivity Changed my Email Workflow

Clearly if I’m using an analogue productivity system there are methods you see talked about all the time that are not accessible to me. I can’t grab a link to an email and drop it in my task manager so that I can jump directly to the email later. Likewise the iOS 11 drag and […]

Freelance Friday 007 – May 25 2018

Second big week of sun here that means sunscreen for the kids and an impromptu snowball fight outside the local skating arena while one of the kids skated. Big thing I’ve been thinking about this week is “what is my story”. See, we do things because of our stories. My story has a dad that […]

Should I Read It 014 – H3 Leadership

Today we’re going to work through H3 Leadership. This is the author’s look at the 20 habits that he feels make a good leader. Purchase H3 Leadership on Amazon Purchase our next book Paid To Think on Amazon Written Review of H3 Leadership This episode of Should I Read it was brought to you by […]

Can You Be a Leader that is Hungry Humble and Smart?

Have you ever been done with work? So done that you needed a long time off? That was the catalyst for Brad Lomenick to write H3 Leadership. Brad was burned out on running an organization called Catalyst and needed a sabbatical. Out of that sabbatical he dug deep into his life and what success was […]

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