I can’t convert leads in to clients

Getting leads in the door is one thing, turning them from propsects to clients is something else. Are you spending lots of time on a number of proposals which don’t convert prospects to clients?

Are you writing good proposals?

What a good proposal looks like

The sole job of a proposa is to lead the buyer into a purchase with you. That’s it. It’s not supposed to tell them about your 1000 years doing the same thing. It’s not supposed to tell them about your company history and how amazing your team is. If you’re prospect doesn’t know all that stuff by the time you send them the proposal then you didn’t do your job up front.

A proposal should be a summary of the discussions you’ve had and the agreements you’ve made with a prospect. The only new thing you add to it that the prospect doesn’t know about is the price and timelines. Even those shouldn’t be a surprise though, because you’ve talked about budget and timelines with your prospect already and what you’re proposing fits within the expectations that have been set.

A proposal should be split up in to 6 sections and only cover at maximum 2 pages. A proposal should have options for pricing and timelines for the prospect so it’s not a decision of if they work with you, it’s what option best suits the value they want from the project.

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If you can follow this advice then you can have a win rate of over 90%. It won’t be a choice between you and someone else, it will always come down to a prospect talking to you and coming back to you and knowing that you’re the right person for the job. They’ll often surprise you and go with the option that is highest priced and brings you the most profit.

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