March 2019 Plan with me

There are only a few changes in how I’m planning out my month for March 2019, and one hole I’m not sure how to fill yet. That hole is tracking projects. I have them in Things, but I’m still not always convinced that I have a solid handle on them. I’d love to know how […]

February Plan with Me

It’s been 2 months since I did a plan with me video. January was a gong show. It started off with a week missed of work because the whole family was sick and then it was all rush rush to keep the all the balls floating. In February I’m using a hybrid productivity system with […]

Doing Daily Migration in your Bullet Journal

Have you ever wondered what a Daily Migration would look like in your Bullet Journal? Today I’m going to walk you through the way I deal with the end of my day in an analogue productivity system. My Gear I wrote a book on Analogue Productivity

December Bullet Journal Plan with Me

Welcome to December. Today’s video is all about the planning process I went through to get my December Bullet Journal ready. My Gear You can see all my gear here.

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