Project Price Anchoring

It’s great to say that you charge $3000/wk or even $10,000/wk but how on earth do you actually justify that to a client? What makes your customer think that paying for your services is worthwhile? Price Anchoring First we need to understand what price anchoring is. We’ll start by seeing what Wikipedia has to say. […]

Dealing with price dickering

One of the huge annoyances service providers encounter when they start talking pricing with clients is when the client asks you to provide the service for less. You say you can do a job for $1500 and the next question out of the client’s mouth is: How about doing it for $1000. Yeah great way […]

How should I price my services?

Our first post in the Pricing Series talked about all the different methods you could use to price your services. Yesterday I talked about how your speed at something shouldn’t affect your pricing (which is why hourly is a big bag of suck). Today I’m going to talk about the 2 pricing methods I use […]

Speed and Pricing

When you start any type of work you’re slow. When I started building WordPress themes it took me 2 weeks to get something that I’d barely say is halfway passable (looking back at it now). Now that I’ve been building themes for 5 years I can build a basic theme that would pass all of […]

The Definitive Guide to Freelance Pricing

Pricing is damn hard. If anyone tells you they have it all figured out ask them again in 6 months and it’s likely they’re doing something just a bit different then last time you talked to them. I get asked about pricing all the time and to start our Pricing Series we’re going to take […]

Charge like you’ve got 10 years extra experience

There was an interesting question on the WordPress Reddit group recently about turning WordPress in to a business. As a summary a 17 year old person has built a few sites but really wanted to turn it in to a business. My Issue I took issue with some of the advice offered, specifically the thought […]

Breaking down my expense categories

So far this week we’ve talked about our personal financial journey at home, what a budget is and why you should consider creating one for your business, and how I broke down the numbers from years past to come up with what we hope is a realistic budget for the business. Today we’ll talk about […]

How we set a business budget

As we’ve started assigning me tasks over the last few months it’s become obvious that my main task has been to take over the bookkeeping. I’ve started entering receipts, tracking expenses, and monitoring income. Curtis still has responsibilities in this area as well, but it has literally cut the time he spends on it down […]

Why on earth should you create a budget for your business?

This seems like a simple concept but let me give you a bit of a working definition of exactly WHAT a budget is. That way maybe you can understand WHY you should create a budget for your business. WHAT is a Budget? A budget is an INTENTIONAL spending plan for your business. It gives you […]

Creating an Effective Budget for Your Business

This week we’re going to be talking about creating an effective budget for your business. I know, most people hear the word budget and shudder. However a budget is a very effective tool that will allow you track your expenses, profits, taxes, and set a realistic salary for yourself. It will ensure that you actually […]

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