Consume or Create?

Shawn Blanc: As you seek to build a creative habit, it is professional-grade to be intentional with that time. You do this by (1) planning ahead; (2) scheduling yourself time to work; and (3) removing as many distractions as possible. This is literally what any top performer does. I said to patreon last week that […]

Some tips to get through New Zealand’s digital strip search

So New Zealand has one of the worst laws regarding your rights to any type of digital privacy. At the border, they can now demand, your PINs, passwords, and biometric unlocking of your devices. If that sounds like it sucks to you, then here are some suggestions to make yourself just a bit more secure. […]

Has Screentime changed your behaviour?

Chris Bowler got me thinking about Screentime again. We have no limits set up on my kid yet. When I see other share their reports, I’m wishing my phone wildly less than most and for very different things. Here is my pickup report for today. I’ve averaged 14 per day over 7 days. If the […]

On kids and screens

Doug has a short summary of some myths about kids and screens. The one I struggle with is number 3 that screen time is wasted when compared to outside time. I have the article Doug referenced in my queue to read so we shall see if my mind is changed. I’ve watched my 4 year […]

The survey says – we check email too much

Adobe did a survey and in total we check email 5.6 hours a day. Holy crap this is crazy. I just checked Screen Time on my phone and my 7 day total is 5 minutes. Now my phone is not my main computing device. Checking in with my iPad I have a total of 3 […]

Another possible reason to move away from Apple

I heard about this from Doug. Evidently Apple has a software kill switch that’s currently off built into their machines. So it could go like this, you upgrade your RAM but since you don’t have the Apple software configuration thing, your machine doesn’t work anymore. So System76 anyone? It’s certainly what I’m leaning towards for […]

Paul Jarvis on Being “known”

I feel some of this as I write across multiple topics. I’ve been told many times that I need to stick to a tighter lane of content, but I’m interested in so many things and they all come together to make the business/freelance content be what it is for you readers that come for it. […]

Evernote makes me sad

There is a good discussion here by Steve Dotto and Francesco D’Alessio on what is happening with Evernote. Years ago I would have said that Evernote changed my workflow. It made so so much easier. I loved it, and I don’t use it anymore. I haven’t used Evernote for years. I use Bear, and then […]

So You Want to Leave Social Media

Years ago I said that you should be careful about using services that you’re not paying for. If you’re not paying then you’re the product, or the content/things you produce are the product. Based on Tweets like this, people are getting done with Twitter. I've been on Twitter for over a decade. I've used it […]

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