How I Take Notes on the Books I Read

I’m a voracious reader by almost any measure. The biggest thing I don’t feel like I have enough time for is reading books. Yes I enjoy reading web articles, but immersing myself in a book is really what I love to do. In today’s video I’m going to talk about: How I keep track of […]

This is NOT a complete review of Things 3

While I’ve been reliant on paper based productivity for a while now, there is something about a digital task manager that still seems useful to me during times that my business is ramping up in complexity. I started this review in late September 2018 when I had 3 code projects going, 6 writing assignments for […]

Jofelo Journal Review

I do love me some notebooks, but I’ve generally stuck with the official Bullet Journal because it’s a good size and the paper is nice. I like the dot-grid format. Recently Jofelo got in touch and wanted to send me a journal to try. I admit I wasn’t expecting a lot when I looked at […]

What sucked in 2018 and how 2019 will be better

Yup, we’re half way through January and you’re just getting my 2018 recap post and my 2019 goals and such. What can I say, I took a few weeks off over the holiday’s to hang out with my family and you can all wait. 2018 With my mastermind groups we answer four questions every week. […]

5 Tips to Make Your GTD Review Easy and Fast

I wrote about what my routines are recently, one of the reasons I started with them was because I wasn’t getting to my review process. When I didn’t get to my review process I found that I’d spend the night flustered or the weekend with some nagging feeling like the whole house of cards was […]

Reflecting on 2018 and Setting Up my Bullet Journal for 2019

With 2019 approaching I’m looking at how I’ll be breaking in my new Bullet Journal. Let’s take a look at how I have started my Journal in the past and what I’m planning on changing for 2019. I’ve typically started with the three exercises I have in my Business BootCamp course. 5 Year Life 4 […]

Why I Use a Bullet Journal Instead of Productivity Software

A day doesn’t go by without some new productivity tool coming across my radar. Most recently it’s been Notion, which looks great and at the same time seems to fall into the same categories you see with so many other applications. Notion lets you build what you want in a productivity tool. Need a calendar, […]

Weekly Logging with Your Bullet Journal

One of the best spreads I added to my Bullet Journal was the weekly collection. I included it in my book, Analogue Productivity, and you can see it written up here. Today’s video is going to walk you through my exact planning process for a week. I used this exact weekly spread for November 19 […]

How Speeding Up My Reading Meant I Read Less

Convenience, however, often comes at the expense of understanding. The less time you spend examining things, the less you know about them. When it comes to understanding how you spend your life, it’s important to slow down and take the time. – The Bullet Journal Method In 2018 I launched a new podcast called Should […]

The Daily Routines I Use to Bring Calm to my Work

I have done a video of this as well which is embedded at the bottom of the post or if you want to just view it on YouTube click this super awesome specially crafted link. It’s like magic…trust me. Like many of you, I’ve read Getting Things Done. I can explain what GTD is, and […]

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