How I Modified The Bullet Journal System to run my Online Business

A few weeks ago I gave you a primer on what Bullet Journalling was so that you were familiar with the ground rules of the Bullet Journal system. Now, some parts of it I loved and some parts of it, just didn’t seem to work for me. Today I’m going to walk you through the […]

Getting Started with Bullet Journalling For Web Developers

For a while now I’ve been writing about my Analogue Productivity system. I started with the 10 Constraints you need and the 1 Action you Should Be Taking. Today we’re going to dig into the basics of the Bullet Journal system so that you’re familiar with it. Next week we’ll look at exactly how I […]

You Have to Stick To It to Be Successful

People claim to want to do something that matters, yet they measure themselves against things that don’t, and track their progress not in years but in microseconds. – Perennnial Seller Probably the biggest idea that comes across my desk is the idea of a 2 week website. This is the idea that you standardize your […]

Your Natural Level of Productivity

Everyone has a natural level of productivity. It will vary from person to person, but everyone has a limited amount of physical, mental, and creative energy. Every hour of work costs energy. – Extreme Programming I have a coaching client that just took his first weekend off in, he couldn’t remember how long. He’s been […]

You’re Suffering in Silence Because of Your Pride

Successful businesses are profitable organizations charging for products or services. They have certain expenses – payroll, tools, hardware, probably an office space or a warehouse – you name it. In order to break even and start growing, they need to ensure that there are viable and profitable business opportunities. In other words, someone has to […]

It takes 10 Constraints and 1 Action to be Awesome

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered a bunch of content out of my new book Analogue Productivity, which is all about bringing more value to your work by embracing the constraints of a pen and paper. To start there are 10 key constraints that I use when choosing a productivity system and getting awesome […]

If you want to get more done, plan your day based on energy

Just like a muscle, our brains only have so much energy. We can’t sit and focus for hours without end. Most research shows us that we have about 50 minutes of focus followed by a 15 – 20 minute break. We can follow this cycle for around three hours and then we’re fried. We had […]

If you don’t write it down, you’ll never do it so stop being lazy

One of the tenets of most productivity systems is that you need to capture everything. While I don’t go quite that far and truly capture everything, I capture most stuff. One of the best phrases I found to get this point across was written by Tom Clancy and said by his main character Jack Ryan. […]

Your Productivity System Doesn’t Matter If you Can’t Plan To NOW

I said in the Key Concept of Making Decisions, that if I touch a task three times I force myself to do it that week or push it off to my next quarterly planning cycle. That quarterly planning cycle is where I ask myself this question. “Given the resources I have and the time I […]

If You Want to Ship Amazing Work You Need to Prioritize

In any given day you have a number of tasks that could be done. They fall into one of a number of buckets. Most systems give you 4 different options. The four below are called an Eisenhower Matrix. Urgent and important Important, but not urgent Urgent, but not important Neither urgent nor important The first […]

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