6 Tips to Bring Sanity to the Overwhelmed Creative

Yes I wrote a book all about Analogue Productivity, but in September 2018 I started looking longingly at task managers and project management tools again. I gave 2Do a shot, then looked at the upgrade pricing for OmniFocus. I tinkered with the idea that Things 3 was the update that would work for me. I […]

Creative Breakthrough is Powered by Time Off Work

The most creative and most productive workers are the ones who are able to unplug from the office, recover their mental and physical energy, and return to their work recharged. – Rest My latest book The Art of Focus launched August 28th and do you know what I did just a bit before the launch? […]

On Reading Lots of Books

This article by Darius Foroux got me thinking more about my reading schedule. My current aim is to read a single book a week. As you can see on my Goodreads Profile, I’ve been averaging more than that for a few years. What I haven’t done is re-read the best books, and I rarely read […]

On tracking sleep

Someone got obsessed with tracking sleep and this is generally a good thing. I have a Fitbit Flex 2 which does sleep tracking and most of the time it’s pretty great. Occasionally it’s obviously wrong but overall it lets me know when I’m not getting enough sleep. Sleep is so important to being awesome and […]

Are You Willing To Do The Work Needed to Be Successful?

We all have dreams of the products we’ll launch to wild fanfare. We will write it, and they will come…or not. Many people enjoy doing the work to build something, and then they want to be done. They don’t want to do the marketing needed. They want to send off their work into the world […]

The “lazy” people we have lauded in the past

On Darwin: But at the same time, his days don’t seem very busy to us. The times we would classify as “work” consist of three 90-minute periods. If he had been a professor in a university today, he would have been denied tenure. If he’d been working in a company, he would have been fired […]

Automated Journalling?

Chris Bowler writes about making journaling stick as a habit. While I love some of the advice, parts of it feel wrong to me. Yes, start small. Write down anything for the day. Doesn’t matter how long it is. Even just list the meals you had and if you liked them. I also agree fully […]

The Workweek Hustle with Fitbit is a bad way to judge success

Yes sitting is the new smoking and I do have a desk that can move from standing to sitting. I do alternate my posture at my desk regularly to help ensure that I am comfortable. I even get up and take a tour of the house every hour to make sure that even if I […]

Why The Twitter API Change is Nothing but Good

As of August 16 2018, the Twitter API changed for 3rd party developers. Without getting too technical, Twitter is turned off the old streaming API and did not replace a bunch of it with anything at all. That means 3rd party clients lost: timeline streaming notifications on retweets, quote tweets, likes, and follows mentions and […]

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