They can’t because they’re lazy

You simply can’t live healthy in Ontario. Or at least that’s what the guy riding his bike beside me in the group said. Then we kept talking and a bunch more can’t came up. The real world isn’t a place, it’s an excuse. It’s a justification for not trying. It has nothing to do with […]

Does what you’re doing actually matter?

Thanks to the awesome Chris Lema I’m the proud owner of a coffee mug from Startup Vitamins which I use daily. The best part about it is the reminder it provides. life is short do stuff that matters Offers Recently I was offered the opportunity to provide video training to Packt for a LESS CSS […]

Identify the cause of your freelance insanity

A few days ago I wrote 5 Sanity Tips for Overworked Consultants where I told you to take some time for yourself. I realize that many freelancer’s/consultants have already worked themselves in to an untennable situation. You’re already way over committed. You feel like you’re drowning. You’re all work with no margin for life or […]

5 Sanity Tips for the Overworked Consultant

Are you feeling burnt out today? Is freelancing taking it’s toll on you? Are you questioning why on earth you ever thought you were cut out for freelancing? That Friday Check (or cheque for my Canadian readers) It was a Friday in my first year of freelancing and it was pay day, just like every […]

My billing method is a time management tool

One of the reasons I love weekly billing is that it’s so easy to overbook yourself with other billing methods. When I work hourly I continually ‘manufactured’ hours simply because I figured I could find time to get things done. That left me over committed all the time. There was no margin in my days. […]

I just turned off email on my phone

I’m a huge proponent of GTD. I use it to run my whole business and pretty much all of my life tasks. GTD is all about removing cognitive load by putting tasks and notes in a trusted system. For me that system is OmniFocus and Evernote. The thing is that I break my own system […]

Emergency scanning just increases your stress

Oh email…yup I know it’s a pain in the ass for you. It’s like that for me sometimes as well. I’ve been on an email diet for a while, but there is more to dealing with email than a diet. It all starts with how you handle email. If you’re a GTD person you’re going […]

There is no later

When you start running a business it takes a lot of hustle. If you’re being smart you’re not quitting your job right away. You’re working extra hours in the evenings and weekends to get the business going. Maybe you’re working extra hours after your regular job to make your freelance business a reality. You’re working […]

Intentional time during the week

Over the holidays Dan Miller had a great podcast about saying no. I think that saying NO is one of the most important things that you can learn as a business owner. The second big thrust (and the one that I’m taking to heart starting now) is to be more proactive about scheduling my week. […]

Less OmniFocus friction with maildrop

I may be late to the party on this one but just last week I set up a maildrop email address for Omnifocus. It freaking rocks. Friction My old friction with Omnifocus and getting item in from my iPhone dealt with copy and paste. If I was viewing a site I wanted to come back […]

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