How much time can batching save you?

How many repeated processes do you have? How many of them do you batch in to single work times? How much time would you save if you actually did that? I know that if I dealt with every email purchase receipt as it came in I’d spend a good portion of each week opening my […]

My Top 6 Reads to Exercise your Freelance Muscles

Yesterday was a great run, short but great. First run in quite a while. See it below: Not too long and it was in my new running shoes. You always run faster in new shoes or at least that’s what my 2 year old says. Today my legs are in pain. They aren’t just sore […]

No time for whiners

I recently did a webinar with iThemes and about Mastermind groups. I’ll talk more about them in the future and why I think they are super important for everyone to be involved in. Today I want to focus on one of the questions that came up during the discussion. I was in an accountability […]

Developer or Googler?

We all get imposter syndrome sometimes. I’m afraid at least once a week that someone will look at my code or read a blog post and realize that I’m a total fraud and have no idea what I’m doing. One of the things that each developer asks themselves is Am I Really a Developer or […]

With alarms blazing, I took a bike ride

It was 4pm and I was supposed to launch my book the next day. WooCommerce was installed but not quite working right locally. It wasn’t even installed on the staging site yet. My base sales copy was written, but had a few @todo notes littered throughout. Stripe wasn’t setup or tested and I wasn’t sure […]

Your problem is that you’re reading this

This article is about writing fiction but there is a very specific point here that stuck out to me as a business owner and coder. Your problem is that, well, you’re reading a fucking list of writing tips instead of actually writing. We talked about this. That’s your issue, genius. – Matt Gemmell How much […]

Setting yourself up to be unproductive?

This will not be the first article you’ve read about someone finding social media way to intrusive for daily life. All of us are on social media and most of us find it totally overwhelming at some point. When it hits that breaking point we try and take steps to turn it off. For a […]

You pulled an ‘all-nighter’ because you are an idiot

The all-nighter seems to be the staple of so many freelancers. There is just so much work to do and things need to get done. At least that’s the convenient excuse. I find that the reality is that you are a poor planner and have bad productivity habits. So what are you doing wrong that […]

Evernote as my GTD reference

Any productivity system is really about growth and learning. You learn how your brain best processes random bits of information in to tasks. That also changes over time, and someone else’s system may not work exactly for you. As I’ve been reading Getting Things Done again I’ve been realizing that there were components of the […]

Queues and broken self-contracts

How many queues of crap do you have in your life? These lists are things that you intend to do at some point. But really if it’s been sitting for a few weeks is it going to get done? I sit here looking at my Instapaper queue of 95 articles and I have no doubt […]