How I use Ulysses and Shortcuts to write from my iPad Pro

All the blogging and video editing work I do to produce content for my site is done done from my iPad. In fact, lots of my writing was done on my iPad 2 8 years ago when I got that device and fell in love with it as a writing tool. Today I’m going to […]

iOS, Blink Shell, Mosh and tmux

Over the years as a developer I’d heard about tmux a number of times, but when someone said it was a terminal multiplexer my eyes would glaze over and I’d move on to a more immediate problem that needed solving in my development workflow. Then as I moved to the iPad as my main machine […]

Jason Snell on iOS Roadblocks

From Jason: As I wrote earlier this month, I ended up finishing my Six Colors Report Card story on the Mac because I ran into several roadblocks when I tried to finish the project on my iPad. He has a bunch of minor things that he couldn’t “just do” on an iPad and so…he went […]

12.9 iPad Pro Homescreen 2019

I’ve been doing my iPad life on a 9.7” iPad Pro for my iPad fist workflow. Yes it worked. Yes I found that I was more focused with the iPad Pro and think that iOS is an operating system that lends itself to focus over traditional desktop systems. The constraints it brings had me publish […]

Pixave as Digital Asset Management for iOS (it’s terrible)

One of the places that iOS lacks is it’s Digital Asset Management. Sure, the typical home user has no issues. I had no issues with how iOS handled media until I started doing more videos. As soon as I started recording more video and wanted to keep b-roll around and findable, the limitations in iOS […]

Downloading Zoom videos on iOS

While Zoom runs credibly on iOS, you can’t record locally and unfortunately they make you jump through at least one hoop to download a call if you’re on iOS. The key to being able to get your video or audio out of the Zoom web interface is, as always, iCab set to show your browser […]

Scheduling a YouTube video from your iPad

One of the frustrations with iOS has been the way you have to work around limitations in some applications. The YouTube iOS app is one of the offenders. It lets you upload a video, tag it, and publish it, add it to a playlist. What it doesn’t do is let you schedule a video to […]

My iOS Podcasting Setup

While I still don’t do interview shows from my iPad because I can’t record local audio and send it to the other party, I do record all my solo Podcasts directly to my iPad. I also edit all my podcasts directly on my iPad. Today we’ll walk through the gear and software I use to […]

Shawn Blanc on managing photos in iOS

Shawn has a good post on what he does. I’m still not sold on what iOS provides for digital asset management. I’m trying out Pixave to handle my video files now. It’s working okay, but has some issues I’m trying to dig deeper into. If you’ve got other options to manage, tag, sort, find digital […]

My Daily Shutdown Routines in Things 3

One of the best things I’ve added to my productivity system lately is the idea of a daily shutdown routine. Currently I have one for the end of the workday shutdown. I have one for the end of the day house shutdown and a set for Friday shutdown and Monday startup. Let’s take a look […]

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