Scheduling a YouTube video from your iPad

One of the frustrations with iOS has been the way you have to work around limitations in some applications. The YouTube iOS app is one of the offenders. It lets you upload a video, tag it, and publish it, add it to a playlist. What it doesn’t do is let you schedule a video to […]

My iOS Podcasting Setup

While I still don’t do interview shows from my iPad because I can’t record local audio and send it to the other party, I do record all my solo Podcasts directly to my iPad. I also edit all my podcasts directly on my iPad. Today we’ll walk through the gear and software I use to […]

Shawn Blanc on managing photos in iOS

Shawn has a good post on what he does. I’m still not sold on what iOS provides for digital asset management. I’m trying out Pixave to handle my video files now. It’s working okay, but has some issues I’m trying to dig deeper into. If you’ve got other options to manage, tag, sort, find digital […]

My Daily Shutdown Routines in Things 3

One of the best things I’ve added to my productivity system lately is the idea of a daily shutdown routine. Currently I have one for the end of the workday shutdown. I have one for the end of the day house shutdown and a set for Friday shutdown and Monday startup. Let’s take a look […]

My iOS video workflow on The Sweet Setup

You know I’m iOS first because I’ve said it a few times. Many of you have asked how I do it so I’ve been writing about it. Today you can read about how I shoot and edit videos with LumaFusion on my iPad Pro over on The Sweet Setup.

Dealing with zip files in iOS

One of the things I get to do as I develop websites on iOS is deal with .zip files. I download plugins for WordPress and need to uncompressed them to upload to a client site. I need to grab a folder of files and compress them for a client so they have a copy of […]

Why I’m Not Buying the iPad Pro…yet

Today Apple announced an update to iPad Pro’s. They’re faster and they use USB C. One has a bigger screen with the same footprint. The other has the same size screen with a smaller footprint. Coming from my iPad Pro 9.7” either of these would be a substantial upgrade, but I’m not purchasing either of […]

Building an Ergonomic iPad Workstation

A while ago I wrote about my iPad setup. Today, I’ve got a video of what I’m using right now to do all my web development work and writing work. Ledetech iPad Stand: Kinesis Freestyle Blue: Gear Used iPad Pro 9.7 (not available but the 10.5 is): Canon 60D: Rode Video […]

How I Do Web Development from my iPad Pro Full Time

Blink Shell

this support Mosh

yes I’ll do a better review of this on it’s own later the point today is to put it all together for you

I had already used Vim and a bunch of Unix tools, so moving it all to Digital Ocean wasn’t a problem

You can see my Vim config on Github

Yes I’ve turned on TouchID to keep my terminal secure just in case it’s signed in to something and I leave my machine on it’s own

Also, if you want to compile Blink Shell on it’s own you can because it’s open source


this handles all my documentation

show people the search

show people how to download more docs

and yes, I’ll dig back into this later for you

Ergo WebTools

when I had the rest of this ready, I was struggling with iCab and Firebug

I guess that works, but dang is it terrible so it really doesn’t work

Ergo WebTools for a small upgrade will give you so much power in the form of a full view source and then a proper console


a decent FTP client (but I need to dig deeper on this)

it allows cowboy coding if you want that

but it doesn’t allow full project searching like I get with Vim

Digital Ocean

you’ll need to install Mosh (yes I’ll cover that for you)

other than that, you’re just running a Linux machine headless so it’s whatever you want on that machine and if you screw it all up, just destroy it and start over


by going with this setup, even if I spin up a $5/month server I’m way under the cost of a new MacBook Pro, or any Apple computer

I can get the iPad for $449 in Canada if I needed to replace my setup tomorrow

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