Juggling Kids and Work

Many of you aren’t stay at home Mom bit don’t let the podcast topic throw you off. This is a great podcast on priority and how to juggle it with family commitments How A Stay at Home Mom Works on Her One Thing

@tferriss on building a winning blog or podcast

Great podcast on some of what it takes to build a great blog or podcast. I said great because the measure should be your own not just listens or views. What measure matters to you? Listen now

Hardship in Entrepreneurship from @ryanholiday

Entrepreneurs face obstacles from the moment they wake up in the morning, whether they’re trying to satisfy investors, struggling to meet payroll, dealing with unexpected complications or delivering a new product to market. Love the bridge and warf story most. 5 useful things for when you are hitting hard times in your business. Turning Crisis […]

Copy Stuff from @austinkleon

I liked reading this as I embark on a 365 project to draw one thing a day. I’m only like 15 days in and I’ve started to wonder about just copying stuff and following tutorials. Am I really doing “art” then. See I have a long term goal for a book. I want to write […]

Cal Newport on Facebook’s Smoke Screen

Outrage-invoking political content might have been good business for Facebook, but in its absence, this company’s attention engineers can tap into any number of other distraction wells to keep users compulsively tapping the little blue icon on their phone – Facebook’s Smoke Screen I’m not a fan of how social media steals our attention. The […]

Podcast on Rules for life

12 Rules for Life The big takeaway here is that the little things add up. If you’re laying around making excuses, that’s what it adding up. If you’re kicking ass, or trying to, that’s what’s adding up. If you’re taking a step on the path towards kicking ass. That’s what is adding up.

Trying to Measure the Artistic Gain

Because instead of comparing me with me, I was comparing me with da Vinci, with my friend the professional illustrator, with all the artists who’d inspired me to want to start to draw. The first bar was way too high. I’d just started to jog and was beating myself up for not running a marathon […]

Does your product fit the market?

Great primer in product market fit from my friend AJ. I’m just in the middle of digging into this idea to improve my positioning and marketing. It will be my reading focus for much of the year.