Overwork is NOT A Badge of Pride

Overwork has become the norm in many companies – something expected and even admired. Everything we do outside the office – no matter how rewarding – is quietly denigrated. Relaxation, hobbies, raising children or reading a book are dismissed as laziness. That’s how powerful the mythology of work is. – Do you work more than […]

GTD Primer from Evernote

I don’t quite do Getting Things Done, but it’s close. The biggest thing I take exception with is writing down all the crap in your head. So much of it doesn’t matter and then you end up carting it around. This is how many people git to 55 projects with 4000 tasks that they never […]

Better Defaults with @chrisbowler

As they say regarding productivity, create better defaults. Add friction to distracting activities. Make it easy to start the tasks that matter. Soon, habits will form. – Better Defaults Regarding email first thing, I took it off my phone so I can’t check it. I also don’t check email until after I’ve done my big […]

A Worse Phone Breaks the Addiction

In an effort to break my smartphone addiction, I’ve joined a small group of people turning their phone screens to grayscale — cutting out the colors and going with a range of shades from white to black. – Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone? I know that when iOS 11 basically made […]

How we integrate kids into life from @bookwormfm

Your job as a parent is to build a good adult. Mike and Joe get into this on a recent episode of Bookworm as they talk about 168 Hours. Specifically they talk about involving kids in stuff like passing you screws or helping around the house. You should be getting your kids involved. Stop saying […]

The Wall Street Journal and Analogue Productivity

I’ve never tried iCal. I use Google Calendar at work of course—refusing to accept co-workers’ meeting invites would be confusing and rude—but the idea of reducing the rest of my life to tiny cells on my phone screen fills me with dread. – Paper Planners in the Digital Age Just like Florsheim, I’m all in […]

Last Call to Plan Your Year with @shawnblanc

One of the sites I’ve been reading for years has been Shawn Blanc’s. Good thought provoking content. Over the holidays he released Plan Your Year which is a course and worksheets to help you have a good plan for the year. I bought it and went through it with my wife. Good stuff. Today is […]

Writing in Exotic Locations via @ryanholiday

“It was a time everyone was pressing wonderful houses on us. ‘I have a perfectly marvellous house for you to write in,’ they’d say. Of course no one needs marvellous houses to write in. I still knew that much. All you needed was one room. But somehow the next house always beckoned.” – Want To […]

Behaviour or Goals – Which Matters Most?

Many people set goals, particularly at this time of year, but don’t focus on the behavior that leads to achieving those goals. You have far more control over your behavior than any outcome. And if you focus on your behavior, it’s possible that you’ll end up with an outcome that exceeds your expectations. – Focus […]

How to Craft a Better To-Do List over at Bullet Journal

A well-crafted to-do list acts as a guiding light for your day. It helps you overcome that feeling of overwhelm and the anxiety of wether or not you’re being productive throughout the day. – How to Craft a Better To-Do List The highlights are: 1. Have a top “3” tasks Not sure why 3 is […]

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