Planning Your Content Strategy with Sticky Notes

Today’s video is a walk through how I went over my content and planned the types of content I’d be doing in the future. Some questions left unanswered: How do I measure success for different channels? What are the steps to success in the channels? What is my single metric that matters currently? (Probably email […]

If you’ve ever wanted to do an SEO Audit

SEO seems like a black art to me, but with an audit and then some optimization of your site you can start bringing in the clients you want organically. My friend John gives us a walk through of the SEO audit part today. You still need to do some optimization, but this is part of […]

I Hate Twitter Threads and They Produce Little Value

“Your “thread” should have been a blog post… Yes. All of them. Every time.” – Rhoneisms I agree with Patrick, Twitter threads are a terrible use of your content writing. There are so many awesome Twitter threads out there. This one on making sure your work isn’t devalued during review time…solid gold. Unfortunately for the […]

The Easy 3 Bucket System to Win at Writing

It doesn’t matter what you do, you need to attract clients. You need to prove that you’re trustworthy. You need to continue to bring leads in to your pipeline. One of the best long term ways to do this is to start writing and publishing that writing. Yeah I know you’re a “developer” or a […]

10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd as a WordPress Developer

We get to work in an amazing industry. We get to work with a number of clients from small businesses where we help make dreams come true, to large corporations on huge projects. But this industry depth also means that it can be hard to stand out as a freelancer or an agency. In fact, […]

Why Comparison is Killing Your Business and How to Stop

There is an interesting study that says we’d rather make $30k a year knowing that everyone else makes $28k than make $36k knowing everyone else makes $38k. This seems crazy to me because in the second scenario we are making $6k a year more. But the research doesn’t lie. It’s been done over and over […]

Making Decisions the Extreme Programming Way

One of the key thoughts if you want to implement extreme programming is that there are two types of decisions. First, you have business decisions. What features are most needed? What brings the highest value to the business? Second, we have technical decisions. How are the features implemented in the project? Each of these decisions […]

Hard Challenges Provide Value, Are You Solving Hard Problems?

Effectiveness in life does not come from focusing on what is automatic, easy, or natural for us. Rather, it is the result of how we consciously strive to meet life’s harder challenges, grow beyond our comforts, and deliberately work to overcome our biases and preferences, so that we may understand, love, serve, and lead others. […]

You’re not making sales because you’re easily replaced

If your organization wanted to replace you with someone far better at your job than you, what would they look for? – Linchpin If you’re struggling with clients, ask yourself the same question the same question. “If my clients wanted to replace me with someone far better, what would they look for?” For many people, […]

The Things You Think Make you Different Don’t…and here’s why

There are two types of qualifications for clients when they’re rooking at a service provider. First, there are the bare minimum qualifications. What they just expect because…thats’ what it takes to do a project. Second, are the standout qualities. The things that set you apart from the rest. How Often The Two are Confused Talking […]

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