Yes I Just Marked You as Spam

In the last few weeks I’ve been getting an increasing amount of emails from all the social networks I’m a part of. Linkedin started doing news, and felt I needed another email. Twitter decided to start emailing me friend suggestions. Further back, they decided I needed some sort of summary email each week. Facebook decided […]

It’s not All About the Quest for Pageviews

I wrote yesterday about sensationalist reporting at The Verge regarding the iPhone 5 mockup hands on. We all know they’re doing it for pageviews, the real unfortunate part is that advertisers are paying for pageviews. When ever a client talks about pageviews while we are discussing the goals for a new site design I always […]

Getting Work in the Door with Business Marketing Ideas

Every business needs to get work through the door, but the livelihood of the solo freelancer depends on it. Work for a freelancer comes really based on building your reputation for quality work. Without good business marketing you’re probably not going to be brining in the work you want and it’s going to take a […]

Is SEO Really What We all Need?

As you can tell I’ve really cranked up the posting frequency on this site. I’d love to increase the readership, and even make some money with the site. So what do I work on, SEO or content? Of course content is important, even with the best SEO crappy content means no one will stick around […]

Working a Networking Event

As much as I do like going out to meet ups and local events, I’m terrible at networking for my business. I suppose I should follow tips like this but it just doesn’t feel like me. By nature I’m not pushy, I figure that my work and clients will speak for themselves. I do good […]

Getting Your Freelance Business to Succeed

When looking at becoming a Freelancer (yes I dislike that term but it’s understood) you need to make sure that you have a marketable skill. Design, development, photography, writing, all translate easy to a marketable skill. Even if you have that skill there is something way more important to have or you’re not going to […]

Learning To Write Well, Fast

Obviously I’ve really stepped up the publishing schedule of the site. As with any blog the main struggle weekly is figuring out what exactly to write, and of course to make sure it’s not terrible. This week I came across (hat tip Freelancing Weekly) a vid with 8 tips for writing good content quickly. The […]

What is a Minimum Viable Product

The whole notion of a minimum viable product stems from the fact that you don’t want to work away on ‘the next big thing’ only to launch it and find out that you’re the only one that thinks it’s worth any money. But there is some danger in getting something bare bones out. Sometimes, though, […]

Getting Customers for a New Product

I’ve mentioned before that I have a product in the works so I’m obviously interested in how to get customers for it. While there are a number of good tips in the article a few seem off base, or at least shady. Build a network of landing pages that target various other long tail keywords […]

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