The 7 questions you need to ask to write an effective case study

Case studies are one of the most powerful things you can add to your site to really get prospects motivated to work with you. But few people utilize them. Even fewer have good ones, because writing good case studies can be hard. I did say ‘write,’ and while written case studies are good, I think […]

Marketing is…hard. And you never signed up for it.

There you were, working away building sites, and one day you realized you were pretty good. Good enough that you should be doing this for yourself instead of letting someone else enjoy all the profits. So you started a business, and then reality hit. Running a business meant you needed to convince people to pay […]

Here are 4 ways to make offline marketing easy

I’m totally a digital person. Right now I’m writing at my kitchen table while my kids watch some TV. I’ve spent months travelling to see family for Christmas or spent the summer in other parts of the country, with no real change in my business. I’m able to keep my business going because most of […]

You need a plan to follow up with prospects–here is mine

If you want to win work, you need to be proactive about keeping tabs on your leads. Sure, the prospect has a problem and you can likely solve it, but so can others. Sometimes things come up for your prospect, say a death in the family. When life happens the project may take a back […]

Content marketing doesn’t have to be hard, you can master it

Content Marketing is a big buzzword (buzz phrase), and has been for a while. In theory you can write great content for your site and “THEY WILL COME.” Of course if you’ve been at this for a while you realize that when you write stuff you think is awesome, “they” may not come, and even […]

Finding a niche is hard — here are 5 questions to help

I’m sure when I tell you that you need to focus your business on a niche, this is not the first time you’ve heard that. It’s likely not even the third, or the fifth time you’ve heard it. If you’ve been at the business game for more than a few weeks you’ve heard it possibly […]

Why the best consultants are comfortable with silence

In an interview on The Good Life Project, Sherry Turkle talks about the ‘boring’ parts of conversation. When talking to students she’s found that they want to pull out their phones whenever there is a lull in the conversation. Some of them didn’t even know what a ‘lull’ was, and when it was explained to […]

4 Mistakes You Make in Positioning Your Brand

According to Storybrand there are 7 things that make up an effective story. To be clear, story is any marketing message your business sends. The 7 things are: The character The problem The guide The plan to solve the problem Call to action Results Success or failure For more details on those 7 things then […]

Should you sell site maintenance to your clients?

My friend Brad wrote a great post about selling maintenance services with your work. He contends that you are leaving lots of money on the table if you don’t sell these services with your contracts. Yes, if you sell maintenance you have recurring revenue which is, of course, money you don’t have to earn again […]