Can I niche my freelance business around a technology

Reader Stephen asked: I’ve been reading a lot about finding you niche (I have a copy of your book) and positioning, and a lot of what I’ve read seems to suggest working within an industry sector, but I don’t have a industry I like working in. I’ve built web apps for many different types of […]

Clients are an Awesome Constraint

Deep down, we all harbor a fantasy: We do creative work, throw it in the mail — someone else sends us a contract and doesn’t bother us again. No one gets to tell us what do to; our art remains pure and untouched. – Perennial Seller That is the dream of most developers, isn’t it? […]

The Easy Way is A Lie, Do the Hard Work

There are a lot of things to focus on when you run a business. It doesn’t matter when the workday ends; there is always something that could be done. You could refine your marketing funnel. Reply to one more email. Reach out to a prospect. Tweak your site. Knowing this, it’s so easy to get […]

It takes more than a business plan to be successful

We’re told that one of the first steps in thinking about any new business is to write a business plan. Out of this you’ll get to see how viable (or not) the business you want to build is. Books and books are written on how to write a great business plan. I’ve even got some […]

How to turn leads into amazing clients

The question I get asked most often by you fine people who run your own business is… How do I get more leads for my business? That’s a good question, but that’s not really what you want. If I send 10,000 unqualified leads to you but you convert none of them to clients, then those […]

The 7 questions you need to ask to write an effective case study

Case studies are one of the most powerful things you can add to your site to really get prospects motivated to work with you. But few people utilize them. Even fewer have good ones, because writing good case studies can be hard. I did say ‘write,’ and while written case studies are good, I think […]

Marketing is…hard. And you never signed up for it.

There you were, working away building sites, and one day you realized you were pretty good. Good enough that you should be doing this for yourself instead of letting someone else enjoy all the profits. So you started a business, and then reality hit. Running a business meant you needed to convince people to pay […]

Here are 4 ways to make offline marketing easy

I’m totally a digital person. Right now I’m writing at my kitchen table while my kids watch some TV. I’ve spent months travelling to see family for Christmas or spent the summer in other parts of the country, with no real change in my business. I’m able to keep my business going because most of […]

You need a plan to follow up with prospects–here is mine

If you want to win work, you need to be proactive about keeping tabs on your leads. Sure, the prospect has a problem and you can likely solve it, but so can others. Sometimes things come up for your prospect, say a death in the family. When life happens the project may take a back […]

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