GTD and My Productivity Apps in 2016

Just about this time in 2014 I wrote about my use of Redbooth and examined Nozbe vs Todoist. Out of those two posts I said I was going to use Todoist for all my personal tasks and all my client work. While there’s plenty to like about Redbooth, for me, the friction involved in task […]

3 things you need to do when you finish a project

Closing projects is lots of fun. I mean, it’s the time you get to send invoices and get money into your bank account. You get a rush from that feeling of success and of course that’s it — the project is over, right? Well yes. Sort of. The project work may be finished, but the […]

The 4 things you need before you can start a project

It was Monday and I was excited to start a new project. I pulled out the client emails related to the project and realized I was missing a bunch of information I needed to really get started. Three items were pretty basic, and critical: I didn’t know how to log in to their site yet […]

Is stress making you settle for a poor employee?

Have you ever had a bad employee? One who interviewed well but once they joined the team, never really got going at all? They were a drain on company resources, and perhaps even a force of divisiveness in the company? As Eric Schmidt once told me, “The reality is, there are some employees you should […]

Teaching Client Skills

When it comes to hiring, soft skills are hard, yet when you’re bringing on a new employee, these are the skills you should be hiring for. An employee who is great at relating to clients is the person everyone wants to get their hands on and this should be on your ideal employee profile. What […]

You set the standard for your company process

I once worked at a family run business which had many family members working at it. Both the founders (husband/wife) and their kids were there. Family businesses have some very unique challenges, like kids often get to step into ‘management’ roles at higher salaries than their peers, simply because they’re family. Their aptitude for the […]

Two Rules for Effective Meetings

I talked recently about how much a meeting costs. So you know, I don’t really love meetings. At times they are needed though, and here are my two rules for scheduling a meeting. 1. A meeting must produce something. If you must book a meeting, there should be something that comes out of it. I […]

How does your manager affect performance?

Is it good to have a manager that is generally positive or generally negative? Do you really think your manager’s outlook can affect your performance? What about the ‘tough’ manager versus a manager who gives more positive ratings? Is it possible that an ‘awesome’ employee from company A could become a mediocre or poor employee […]

Get Project Updates the Right Way

I once worked at a company where the staff spent two mornings a week in a meeting to ‘update’ the manager/owner. We went around in a circle of 7 or 8 and simply told the manager where we were on our projects. There was very little discussion about any problems we might be having or […]

Take a Deep Breath

Have you ever considered how much your reaction time affects your response to a situation? Let’s take a moment today to consider this in the context of your business. Suppose you get an angry email from a client — do you reply right away or do you wait? Does your choice here affect your ultimate […]

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