Take Ownership of Problems

Have you ever failed? I have. I’m currently behind on a project and I’m really not sure how I’m going to catch up, since next week I’ll be taking a trip to Mexico and won’t be taking my laptop. That means no catching up on coding. But really, how much ‘catch up’ actually happens when […]

Don’t Assume: Why Email Communication Goes Wrong

Assumptions are bad, so don’t make them. When you assume, you just make an ass out of both you and me. Today I’m talking about the risk of using email as your default for communication. It’s a terrible form of communication that denies you all the little facial and body language cues that are an […]

The client is always right

You’ve heard this service maxim I’m sure: The customer is always right…even when they’re not. I’m also sure you’ve laughed at it and said clearly, they can’t always be right. I mean, some of the requests/emails read as though they were written by an insane four-year-old in the middle of a tantrum. Yeah, I’ve had […]

Just Ask That Question

In a book I read years ago, the title of which is now lost to time, one of the key takeaways went something like this: If you have a question, it’s likely that other people in the room have the same question but they have been there too long to ask it without feeling like […]

Run a better company by adding a 5-15

I’ve talked before about how I email clients at the beginning and end of every week. I really hope you’ve started to do that with your own clients. This simple action will pay off big-time, because your clients will think you’re awesome since you take such good care of them. Let’s now take this a […]

Are you the productivity bottleneck?

As people who run teams, we should be helping our teams run well. They should be productive and equipped with everything they need to keep the ball rolling. Some of you may be like me — you like to see things written down, with clear dates and tasks assigned to you. Some of you hate […]

Did you set that expectation and tell no one?

Possibly one of the most frustrating things about being married is when I’m ‘expected’ to possess the power of ESP. My wife is annoyed about something, or she wants me to do something, or…and I’m completely unaware of any expectation having been put on me. Which means I have no way to actually meet that […]

Would you work for yourself?

Many years ago my job was to build sundecks. Well actually, my job was to lay the vinyl coating on sundecks. It was hot work in the summer and freezing cold/wet work in the winter. It was work that took me out dawn till dusk year round. It paid well in the summer when there […]

Client-Centered Web Development

There’s a problem with my regular work, and I typically don’t see it. But that’s the problem — I don’t see it and that means my clients don’t see it either. But when building something as ephemeral as software, progress comes in fits and starts, sometimes to the point of feeling illusory. ~ The Grumpy […]

5 Truths You Should Tell Your Clients

I know that most of you want to tell clients that everything is all daisies and roses, and every client who’s ever worked with you gushes about how beautiful the interactions with you were. Unfortunately that’s a total lie It’s a lie for me too. I totally screwed up 2 projects at the end of […]

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