Navigating Working with Your Spouse

I’m reading a bunch about being the spouse of an entrepreneur and one passage stuck out to me today from Start, Love, Repeat: Working together, even if it’s with the best of intentions and the most hopeful expectations, will likely create additional tension in your relationship. There are that many more things, on top of […]

Taking the kids to work?

Austin Kleon writes about his kids spending lots of time in his office. It sounds so good, but then I think about the focused time I need and wonder how I could do it. Could I set up a bit of an art table and then spend more time with them doing art and hanging […]

Seth Godin on The Benefit of the Doubt

Great post on how to treat customers from Seth Godin. We need to remember this as we treat our customers with respect or not. I had a project go months over this year. When the client asked about it, I told them the truth. I fell in love with another part of my business and […]

You need support at home

For you to achieve extraordinary results, the people surrounding you and your physical surroundings must support your goals. – The ONE Thing According to Shawn Achor, in The Happiness Advantage, the biggest predictor of success through hard times is the support you have around you. Achor was looking at the workplace and hard projects, but […]

A short list of who helped me in 2018 already

One reason people struggle to gain influence in their personal and professional lives is that they simply don’t ask for what they want. This is, in part, because people drastically underestimate the willingness of others to engage and help. – High Performance Habits Here is a short list of who has helped me in 2018 […]

Dealing with conflict well – assume the other side is smarter than you

Dealing with conflict in a productive way is the greatest challenge we have as a society and as individuals. – PLAY NICE In Your Sandbox1 In conflict, we often resort mostly to name calling and thinking that the other side is stupid. It’s not going to work people. The other side is not stupid, in […]

If You Want Broken Relationships Focus on Weaknesses

My wife is amazing. She keeps our house running. She motivates me. She’ll sit down on a Sunday night and time block my week so that I can get a decent amount of work time in, and then she’ll handle the kids all week without complaint. But she’s not perfect. She has a pile, an […]

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