February 2015 Reading

If you’re new to this blog, I do a monthly post with a recap of books I’ve read in the previous month. Today’s post covers the books I read in February 2015. Along with the recap, I also give away a copy of my favorite business book each month, so get on my email list […]

What hardware runs my business?

A while ago I wrote about all my software tools but I didn’t really cover hardware at all. Well, enough people asked, so that’s the topic of today’s post. Here is a list of my crucial hardware tools that help me do my job. 13” MacBook Air This is easily the best computer I’ve ever […]

CoSchedule Your Editorial Calendar

A while ago I wrote about how I use Coschedule, Revive Old Post, and Buffer to help me tell people about what I write. At the time I didn’t think that any of the tools necessarily justified a separate dedicated post. However, given some of the new features that have been added to CoSchedule, I […]

December 2014 Reading

I was able to spend time with a few good books this past December, so in this post I’m sharing some of my favorite recent reads. Perhaps you’ll be moved to add a few of these to your reading list for 2015. 1. Kesrith by C. J. Cherryh Get Kesrith on Amazon Kesrith  is the first […]

Review: Good to Great

This is the second book by Jim Collins, Built to Last being the first. In Built to Last, Jim wrote about entrepreneurs who started businesses and managed to build big, profitable organizations from nothing. Yet, Jim learned that while the stories in Built to Last were interesting, some people who read his book didn’t really want to hear […]

Tools: A Bit of Everything

This is my final post on the subject of the tools I use, and this one will be a bit of a grab bag. I’ve either written about these at length fairly recently or they just didn’t warrant a big long post because they were fairly straightforward. So today I’ll hit the highlights so you […]

CoSchedule, Revive Old Post, and Buffer: My Social Content Tools

I believe we all know the power of sharing when it comes to building an online audience. But now that I’m posting here regularly, sharing this content could be a really big job; something I’d have to give my attention to a few times a day. However, while I do want to share my content […]

Keeping Me Together: A Zapier Review

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats and keep a lot of plates spinning. As you add more plates and your to-do list gets longer, you start looking for solutions to save time and/or work more efficiently. For many, the solution is one of two options: hire more people or automate processes. […]

17hats Review

In 2014 I used Bidsketch (see my review) to do all my estimates and FreeAgent (no review for this one) to handle the invoicing for my projects. As I said in my Bidsketch review, one downside to using this pair of tools was that I was left with double entry for all my contacts. I’d enter a prospect into […]

Processing Email with Dispatch and Postbox

Email is likely the biggest inbox you deal with on a daily basis. If you’re like me, email may make up the 3 biggest inboxes you deal with every day. You hear about those people who maintain an Inbox 0 status daily, and you hate them (go ahead, admit you do). But do you know […]