Should you use Nozbe or Todoist?

Going into 2015 I needed to make a change to my productivity and workflow tools. Redbooth, my primary tool for 2014, was decent (see my big review) but was missing a few things that I found more and more annoying as time went by. In no particular order, these were the ‘big’ problems for me: […]

Bidsketch Review

Today we’re looking at Bidsketch, another tool I loved in 2014. We’ve all written estimates for clients right? My early process worked, but involved a number of steps and proved to be time-consuming. When I needed to create a new estimate, I would use Pages along with a template I pulled from somewhere or other. Once […]

Redbooth Review

Before we jump in to this review I want to remind you that if you choose use the same tools I do, there is no guarantee you will get the same results as me. My reviews are intended to show you how I used the tool and what I loved/hated about it. If you pick […]

How Evernote took over my life

I grabbed Evernote when it first came out and even thought it was a decent tool, but it never found a permanent place in my software life. The thing that really blew my mind when I first saw it years ago was the text detection in images. It seemed like something out of future science fiction. I […]

June and July Reading

Well my June reading post got a bit missed, it was written but I forgot to publish it. So today you get a combined June/July reading list. In June I went to BeachPress and I traveled home via bike which meant 700km of riding and lots of listening time. The first 3 books listed were […]

May Reading

I only got through 3 books this month instead of my usual 4 and none of them were business related. Sometimes a mental break is just what you need. 1. Smart Money Smart Kids This is the latest book by Dave Ramsey and I’m a big fan. Getting smart with money got my family to […]

April 2014 Reading List

1. Darth Plagueis This was actually finished March 31, but I already had the March post written, so I let it bump over to April. Darth Plagueis takes places starting a while before Star Wars Episode I and finishes as Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the senate. We get to see Palpatine’s master and […]

Solo Review – it’s a short review

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was maybe looking at a new invoicing software. Then Ronin went and got purchased by Godaddy and my move was sealed. One of my first stops on the way was Thrive Solo. I had tried the app a few years back and remembered thinking it was nice […]

Ronin Review – Invoicing and Time Tracking for Samurai’s

There are so many billing systems out there and it’s hard to know which one is right for you. I’ve been using Ronin for about a year now and here is my review. It should be noted that I started this review before I found out Ronin was acquired by Godaddy. Had Ronin been a […]

Logitech G930 Headphones Review

Between Skype calls, Google hangouts, podcasts and general work I use headphones a lot at my desk. There is just something about using headphones that makes me more productive. Since I use them so much I have 3 pairs of regular heaphones and 1 pair dedicated to use when I’m biking or running. Here’s a […]

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