I’m 24 Years Old, What is the right job?

I get why people wonder what type of job they should be having at any stage in life. Are you ready to be a CEO, not at 24, but how do you position yourself properly to win well later in life? There are some advantages to working for someone else. learning on their dime don’t […]

What is the best way to find clients for freelancing?

When you’re just starting to get out there on your own it’s a hard road to get profitable. To do that you need to start bringing in clients. Today we’re going to talk about the best ways to find clients as a freelancer. Who do you want? The first questions are actually, who do you […]

Without My Support System You May Not Be Seeing This

In my upcoming book The Art of Focus, I do some of my most serious writing. In fact I wrote about my thoughts of suicide before I told my wife where I was really at. I tried to have that discussion over and over again and there was just never a right time to become […]

How Many Hours Does a Freelancer Bill In A Day?

I recently had someone reach out to find out what my daily hours looked like. Here were the questions specifically. How many billable hours do you aim for in a day? How many hours of exercise per day? How do you handle disruptions to your schedule? (e.g. do you plan for some leeway in your […]

Do I need to take a class to get started freelancing?

This is based off an answer I gave on Quora. Figure out what you’re going to do. – what are you good at now? – what will people pay for? – what is the target market you’re looking at? 2. Where will you offer your services? – is Upwork worth it? – what about testing […]

You’re Failing Because You’re Doing Nothing

Without action, knowledge is often meaningless. As Aristotle put it, to be excellent we cannot simply think or feel excellent, we must act excellently. Yet the action required to follow through on what we know is often the hardest part. That’s why even doctors know better than anyone the importance of exercise and diet, 44 […]

Rest is Required if You Want to Excel

I was reminded of this fact this week. Here you can see where I was. I sat there for a few hours and read then sent some emails and did some writing on my phone. I broke out my journal and thought about my business without listening to any music unless it was provided by […]

Bad clients happen

Bad clients happen. They still happen to me and I have a long developed client vetting process. The thing is, each time it happens it’s your fault. You missed something about them that should have tipped you off. You rush through to the proposal so you didn’t have time to get to know them. Don’t […]

More Hours is a Lie – The Amount of Work You Can Do is Constant

Rather than scrambling to meet an impossible deadline, work to your normal pace. The amount of work you can do is constant — the only real question is which work to do. – Extreme Programming I had a coaching client who worked every weekend. He always felt like he couldn’t get ahead so kept spinning […]

It’s time to start defining success different

The new definition of success is not about the most revenue, employees, and office space but the most profit, generated through the fewest employees and with the least expensive office space. – Profit First How have you define success in the past? For me it’s sometimes been owning the latest and greatest Apple product. Finding […]

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