Salvaging Bad Projects and Creating Customer Moments

When people assess an experience, they tend to forget or ignore its length — a phenomenon called “duration neglect.” Instead, they seem to rate the experience based on two key moments: (1) the best or worst moment, known as the “peak”; and (2) the ending. Psychologists call it the “peak-end rule.” – The Power of […]

What are you going to do about it?

We are overloaded with daily opportunities to learn. It starts early, from the time we read our morning newspapers, it ends late, after we’ve watched the late night news before bedtime, and we’re hit all day in between with digital feeds and streaming news reports. Then there are the magazines, books, people, seminars, and training […]

The Starting Key to Being Productive

Finding a good productivity system is so much more than the mechanics of whatever tool you use. In fact, almost every tool is more or less the same. They have due dates, and start dates. You can organize things into projects and sub-folders. Some of them allow collaboration and some don’t. Some follow Agile methods […]

Are You Measuring The Gain or the Gap?

I just finished reading Michael Hyatt’s, Your Best Year Ever. Yup the review is coming. Today I want to talk about one of the ideas in that book. Most times we measure the gap. The distance we have to go till we reach…success…or whatever we’re striving for. Till we match the success of someone we […]

151 – Avoiding Hardship

Too many people avoid any sense of hardship in their lives. They fear they can’t handle it or that they’ll be judged or rejected. – High Performance Habits …and… Our culture today is obsessively focused on unrealistically positive expectations: Be happier. Be healthier. Be the best, better than the rest. – The Subtle Art of […]

You Do You, I’ll Do Me

When you see to improve yourself as a leader by following the popular approach of trying to adopt certain personality traits or even mimic leadership styles of successful leaders, you’re heading out on a divergent path away from the outcome you’re actually seeking. That’s because transferring an attribute like “charisma” from one person to yourself […]

Mark Schinnerer and The Success Grower

Today I talk to Mark Schinnerer about his book The Success Grower. I read the book the week it came out, and I very much enjoyed the content. The 8 Elements might be something you’ve heard before, but the way Mark threads story through the book, sets it apart from the standard ‘business’ or ‘self-help’ […]

Recap of 2017 & Thanks for All The Fish

Welcome to the last Smart Business Show episode of 2017. Thanks for all the fish. I’ll be taking at least two weeks off so no podcast next week and no podcast in the first week of January. During that time I’ll be doing a few things. hanging out with my kids and wife spending an […]

Is your Mind Fertile Soil?

We’re getting closer to the end of the year, what are the things you struggled with this year? What is your plan for 2018 to fill those gaps? In this show we’ll talk about: The best books of 2016 I just released A quote from a friend’s new book The Success Grower The question about […]

How do I score my 12 week year?

How do I score my 12 week year? That is the question from Youtube. This is one place I’m still a bit rocky on. I don’t do a bunch of scoring and really need to dig back into the book to figure out how to score properly. Here are the 4 questions I ask myself […]