On Negativity

What you surround yourself with is going to influence you. Careful what you surround yourself with.

Don’t let the poison of gossip in

One thing that can kill your organization and your client relationships quick is letting gossip go in your organization. It’s poison and should be cut out as fast as possible.

We Evaluate based on the Investment

We will invest in learning, in our tools, and in the tools of those we employ. We will weigh investments based on the returns we will get, not just on the dollar value they cost.

On working overtime and freelance

Most of the time the reason you’re pulling and all-nighter is that you didn’t plan well in the first place. You said YES when you should have said NO to the project.

What do we think about serving our clients?

We will server our customers even if that means we send them to another service provider. We want them to be first served best and only secondarily served by us. Sometimes the best thing we can do is tell a prospect that their project is a not profitable bad idea.

We will find and work with our ideal clients

We will make a profile of our ideal clients and measure prospects against that profile. We will work with only our ideal clients because that’s how we will have successful projects.

We price based on value not hours

We will not price hourly, that’s just a way for someone to outsource and employee. We will dive in and find out the value we provide and charge based on how much value there is. For more on pricing check out Art of Value and my Pricing Series.

We scope and we charge for scoping

This is the second episode of the Smart Business Show and today we’re talking about scoping client projects. We will scope projects because just fixing things without diagnosis is malpractice and we won’t be guilty of malpractice. Further, we will charge for scoping because it is a valuable asset to your business. To get more […]