Recap of 2017 & Thanks for All The Fish

Welcome to the last Smart Business Show episode of 2017. Thanks for all the fish. I’ll be taking at least two weeks off so no podcast next week and no podcast in the first week of January. During that time I’ll be doing a few things. hanging out with my kids and wife spending an […]

Is your Mind Fertile Soil?

We’re getting closer to the end of the year, what are the things you struggled with this year? What is your plan for 2018 to fill those gaps? In this show we’ll talk about: The best books of 2016 I just released A quote from a friend’s new book The Success Grower The question about […]

How do I score my 12 week year?

How do I score my 12 week year? That is the question from Youtube. This is one place I’m still a bit rocky on. I don’t do a bunch of scoring and really need to dig back into the book to figure out how to score properly. Here are the 4 questions I ask myself […]

Stop Making Things Easier

Don’t just jump to the easy tool or the easy option. Sometimes, oftentimes adding friction to a process can improve it. With friction in place you’re forced to evaluate if the job is worth doing at all. Without friction it’s easy to push tasks off to ‘future you’ and never evaluate them until your lists […]

Which tasks will you Decide to Suck at This Week?

My secret project is done now because I decided to suck at a bunch of tasks this week until the big one was done. It was easy to decide what to do when I answered this ONE question: “What is the one task this week I can do that will make everything else easy or […]

Brent Hammond on Managing Your Energy

Today I had the great pleasure of talking to Brent Hammond. I went to one of Brent’s courses in Vancouver a few years ago and when I was thinking of someone that I wanted to talk to about work life and rest, he was on the top of my list. Today Brent and I talk […]

Week 5 Update and the importance of rest

We’re in week Five of my final 12 week year and the pace I’ve been running at just shows me that, rest is so important. The first four weeks I got so much more done, but I’m already feeling how hard it is to keep running at a pace that I knew was not sustainable […]

Recappingthe 4th week of my 12 week year

Recapping the 4th week of my last 12 Week Year. kids were sick again so I had to change focus bootcamp is on track fine I’ll need to use my blank 6th week to make up some of the product work that hasn’t happened yet The 8 Week Business BootCamp

Despite a Hard Week for Focus, We’re doing good

Today is the third week of my 12 Week Year, and it was a tough one. Most of Wednesday was gone with my wife working and me watching kids. This won’t be normal, since she won’t always be teaching figure skating all day. Other than that, we’re on track. How is your 12 Week Year […]

Recapping Week 2 of my last 12 Week Year

In this episode 139, I give you a quick recap of week two of my last 12 week year of 2017. In short, it was productive and we’re on track to release everything as needed.

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