Tall Poppies Provide Value, It’s Time To Be One

Here’s a baseline fact about selling: People buy from people they like. You will never have the opportunity to pitch your products or services if you’re not first authentically connecting to your potential client. – From Frustrated To Frickin Awesome Do you know who your audience is? Are you speaking to them? A few months […]

What are you working for?

We work our lives away to buy objects of luxury instead of enjoying the luxury of our time on earth. We should be yearning for free time to do what we want, not what we must. We should want time to do the things we like, not the things we dislike. Forget the desk job. […]

The 10x Business Isn’t Working 10x as Hard

People earning $1,000,000 per year aren’t working 10 times harder than people earning $100,000. In fact, they are sometimes working less — but they are working differently. – The 12 Week Year Which one are you? Which one do you want to be? Those earning 10x you are planning their weeks. They measure their lead […]

You Have to Finish Something First

After Brendon Burchard’s first book didn’t do as well as he hoped, he started interviewing bestselling authors to see what made them bestselling authors. He describes his findings from these authors in High Performance Habits on page 199. The first point is the crucial one: Finish writing a good book. Until that’s done, nothing else […]

Do you view opportunities as a child or as an adult?

Children expect opportunities to be handed to them; maturity is understanding you have to go out and make them. – Perennial Seller I’ve said before that if you’re struggling with contractors it’s probably your fault. That good consultants take control. To stop trying to blame your screw up on something the client did. I’ve told […]

When You Stop Trying, Progress Plummets to 0

Any endeavour worth doing is hard. What looks effortless from the outside is the result of thousands of hours of previous practice. I can write 3000 words in 90 minutes because I have published more than 200k words in the last 12 months. I’ve published something like that every year for five years. It’s only […]

Consistent NOT Rigid

There is a difference between consistency and rigidity. Consistency is sticking with your schedule for optimal work. It’s only taking calls one day a week so that you can get stuff done. Rigidity is not watching one of the kids for an hour while your spouse takes the others to the doctor because “it’s my […]

If you don’t have these 3 hours, your business is broken

Your business is broken if you don’t have at least 3 hours a week set aside for personal improvement. That’s reading books about business or learning some new design technique or some new code. If you tell me that at some point in the future you’ll have the time. You’re lying. The best predictor of […]

Only Read This if You’re Ready to Take Action

Money is the most perfect expression of your creativity. If your bank account is low, it’s a reminder that it’s time to get even more creative. – The Prosperous Coach This idea goes well with Profit First which says that if you can’t afford an expense out of your business expense funds, it’s your business […]

It’s time to have an opinion

There is an interesting study that looked at how effective managers are. If you were rated as having no distinguishing strengths you were in the thirty-fourth percentile of effectiveness. If you had just one distinguishing strength, you jumped to the sixty-fourth percentile. That’s the difference between the bland generalist, who is good at everything and […]

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