What is commander’s intent, and why does your team need it?

In July 2015 I was in Mexico, working with a team building a house for a local church leader. This is not the ‘nice’ part of Mexico where there are big hotels with slides and pools. This is the part of Mexico where they pick the fruit you eat out of a can. This is […]

What is the ‘ideal life’ anyway?

Do you know what your ‘ideal life’ is? The life that would leave you fulfilled daily because you’re working on awesome stuff? Note I said working? Some of you may have been thinking of lounging on a beach, drink in hand and not a care in the world. I hate to break it to you, […]

Have your best people started ruining your innovation?

We have a problem in many organizations, which is managers and business owners believing they have the best ideas and are the only source of innovation for the company. On the surface, it seems to make sense that the people at the top would drive innovation. After all, many of these people rose through the […]

Inspiring Employees is not Cheerleading

We all want employees who are excited to come to work. We want them to be inspired to give us and our clients their best work. To forge new ground and make our clients happier than they’ve ever been about doing business with a company like ours. How do you get employees to that stage, […]

Will I do the right thing…even when it’s no fun?

I’m sure you’ve seen that old woman or man at the coffee shop. They possess a quality — perhaps mysterious — that you yearn to have. They sit there, comfortably sipping on their coffee and chatting with people around them. There seems to be a magnetic quality about them, drawing people to interact with them […]


I had a pretty good idea of how Noah felt hovering over the lip of the gully. Having been in similar situations at nearly the same age, I understood that he just didn’t want to be scared, didn’t want to feel all that tension in his body, no matter what the payoff might be. He […]

Your Ideal Employee Profile

You know you should define your ideal client and filter prospects against that definition. Those ideal prospects are the only ones you want to convert into clients. Sticking to that axiom is going to help you create a business you truly love as you work for people (and on projects) that really get you fired […]

Running a business won’t suddenly make you happy

I work from about 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day, and only do client work Monday through Thursday. I spend Friday putting up blog posts and writing code for personal projects. Sometimes the weather calls and I spend Friday afternoon on a mountain, or at the beach, or riding my bicycle. I can live […]

Your choices have consequences

Earlier this week we talked about how there will always be one more thing. One more thing to do before the day ends or one more year to work before you really take a vacation. Next year you’ll really celebrate your anniversary and show your spouse how special they are to you. Next year you’ll […]

There is always one more thing

It’s easy to let a ‘thing’ stand in the way of you reaching your goal (or goals). Maybe you want to go out on your own and you want to save $10K before you make that leap. Maybe you want to complete one more $5K project before you make the leap. Maybe you work super […]

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