Just because it’s big, doesn’t mean you have to fill the cup

On a recent trip to San Diego, I went to McDonald’s to have lunch. If you follow me on Twitter, this may surprise you, because you know I work out five days a week, ride my bike to work, plus go for 100-kilometer rides at least once a week. And if you know me, you […]

From Start to Finish: The Guide to Your Freelance Business

So you want to go freelance? That’s awesome — but it’s a lot of work. As you consider this shift in the way you do work, I’ve got some questions for you. What should you be doing in the months prior to going freelance? What about the first month you’re running your own business? Do […]

Would I want to…

Yesterday I talked about making a quick buck and how it’s not the way to be a good long-term business owner. Unfortunately, many businesses allow deceptive practices to creep into their interactions with clients. For example, what may start as a monthly support package for clients may turn into a minimal amount of service charged […]

Is that quick buck worth it?

No, my bank account is not full. There’s plenty of room in there, and really I could add an infinite amount of bits which equal money. But I won’t lie or deceive people just to get those extra bits into my account. It’s not worth it. If you use those tactics just to get more […]

Attitude is a Choice

When exchanging greetings and someone asks, “How are you?” my typical response is something like, “Fantastic, how are you?” This same exchange occurred one particular morning at my workout, and after I had given my typical response, my workout classmate came back with, “Do you ever have a bad day?” Of course Yup, of course […]

My list of books I think you should all read

It’s no secret I read a lot. If you didn’t know that then you’ve clearly missed my monthly book lists. Now, I’m lucky in that my wife and I both love to read, so I’m able to put in 1 – 2 hours a day of reading after the kids go to bed, and that’s […]

You Want Those Customer Complaints

Yeah that’s right, you want to have some of your customers complain. Otherwise, how on Earth are you going to figure out what you’re doing wrong? If all you hear is how awesome you are then you’re never going to get better. You should never feel you’re at your best — always consider that there’s […]

Does ‘culture’ really mean ‘just like me’?

As you grow your business, consider that there are two main ‘types’ of organizations that are common: The homogeneous organization, where everyone has the same experience. The diverse organization, where…well, everyone has different life views and experiences. Which one do you want? Which one do you think has the highest chance of really changing your […]

This is your last task in a meeting

While I really dislike meetings in general, they are necessary on occasion. Sometimes, the most productive — and efficient — way to figure a project out can be to get everyone in the room for a bit and hash out details rather than sending 1 million emails for weeks. But have you ever left a […]

What are your standard operating procedures?

One of the big things that will affect the efficiency of your business — and perhaps even your ultimate business success — is how well you’ve standardized procedures and repetitive tasks. I’ve created some standard operating procedures to remove the decision-making process around repeated tasks or habits, and streamline my days. Stuff like: I don’t […]