Lack of trust is a hiring problem

Last week, I was talking with an agency owner who is having trouble with his employees. At least in his eyes, the trouble is with his employees. The main issue is that he doesn’t feel he can ‘trust’ them with a project without his direct oversight every day. I just can’t trust them to do […]

The grass is greener where you water it

I’d like to change the old saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Whenever someone says that to me I reply with: No, the grass is always greener where you water it. Of cycling and arms If you didn’t know I’m a cyclist then you must not follow me on Twitter. I […]

You won’t drift to success

There once was a cruise ship departing from Vancouver bound for Hawaii. It had all the normal things you’d expect on a cruise ship, like pools and food everywhere and a deck to walk around on. It was missing a few crucial things though — like engines or any way to steer it. The owners […]

When was the last time you laughed at work?

You’ve heard about my client vetting process before. One reason I’m so rigorous on my client vetting is that I want to have fun with my clients. If you aren’t having some fun, you might wonder what you are doing in your business life. Laughter and good humor are the canaries in the mine of […]

Meh to Sexy Problems

I just found a great podcast called The Distance, which is all about businesses that have been running for 25 years or more. Businesses you won’t hear about raising venture capital and ones that likely aren’t revolutionizing everything you’ve come to know and love. These are businesses you’re not going to read about on any […]

Where You Focus is What Grows

Hey, did you know the grass is always greener on the other side? If you’re employed, it’s better to be freelance. If you’re freelance, being employed means you don’t have to chase clients for payment or worry about where the next pay cheque (funny Canadians and their spelling eh?) will come from. Okay we know […]

Sitting in the middle is nothing to be ashamed of

We’ve got heroes all around us — people like DHH (founder of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp), Tim Ferris, Brennan Dunn, and Nathan Barry. For big WordPress shops, some of the heroes are 10up, Web Dev Studios, Human Made or Crowd Favorite. They are the stories of wild success out of seemingly nowhere (though most […]

I want to think I’m better than you

One of the Slack channels I’m in has been getting pretty negative recently. On the particular day I’m thinking of a member of the WordPress community launched a new service. As with much marketing copy, his promotional announcement made some ‘bold’ claims. Not inaccurate, but bold given the skills of the developer. Soon after, the […]

4 Steps Towards Fulfillment

What on earth does being fulfilled mean? Does it mean having all the money you want? Does it mean being ‘famous’ in your sphere of influence? Does it mean having a big house or fancy computer or fancy … whatever? It means none of those things. Another word I like to use for fulfillment is […]

Don’t Just Be an Imitation

When you get started with any activity you start by emulating those who are better than you. This process starts in childhood. Maybe it was watching your dad shave and then standing beside him shaving, even though you had no actual need to shave. Maybe it was doing your hair like that person you looked […]

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