How about 10x the reach?

This week we’re talking about your goals for 2015 in the context of 10x. As in how can you 10x your business, not just double the revenue? 10x Reach I build eCommerce and Membership sites (you can hire me here) so in theory I get to reach a lot of people already but most of my […]

Getting your goals ready for the next year – go for 10x

It’s that time of year when you should be drafting your goals for the next year. If you’re serious about growing your business, I want to challenge you to aim high. Don’t just think what you need to do to grow your business by 20% — or even double your business. As you work on […]

Present and Practice

I was recently at an event put on by Atlassian. The main topic for the event was Git, with 2 talks given by 2 different developer evangelists. Outside of the talks being very salesy for Atlassian products (way more than I anticipated), the big thing that stood out to me was that both of these people […]

You’re not there yet so you better keep learning

It feels odd to say, but I know that a bunch of you awesome people who read my site appreciate the advice I give, and I’ve earned some credibility with you. Acquiring this level of trust feels odd because I’m just some dude building sites for clients in a small town in British Columbia. The […]

Figuring Out What You Really Value

Today we’re going to wrap up our short series on what you value by looking at creating a weekly schedule that actually reflects what you say you value. On Tuesday I told you to design your ‘ideal’ week but I didn’t really give you any framework to decide what is the most important thing for you to […]

You’re not too busy you lie

This week we’re looking at what you really value. Not what you say you value, but what you show you value. What you say you value doesn’t matter. What you do to accomplish what you value matters. Yesterday we talked about paying lip service to learning and today we’re going to talk about all those ideas for […]

Help Them Find Their Best Selves

What’s your job as a manager? It’s about vision. It’s about being a generalist in those technical things you used to spend all your time in and becoming a specialist in running a business. But ultimately your job is to develop people. They are the real assets in your business. Without the awesome people surrounding […]

Evolving in to a business owner

I’ve worked as a web developer for around 7 years now. A decent chunk of each day is spent looking at a coding application like Vim or PHPStorm. But that’s changing. I’m spending more time on-boarding clients and writing for this site. I’m delegating more. I’m finding great team members to bring on and write […]

Leading is More Than Vision

We’re business owners. That means we create the path for our company, even if we’re lone travelers. We work hard to get our team to invest in our vision. That’s our job right? Vision, and getting buy-in from everyone! It is a well-accepted role of leaders to focus on the future and pursue the possibility […]

Can I start freelancing with $500 in the bank?

Maybe, but it really depends on how fast you get paying clients. The big problem is that you can’t say no to bad clients. Then it’s likely you’re going to get ‘stuck’ in a cycle of bad clients as you try to just run fast enough to pay bills.

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