I know you can help, but you shouldn’t

Yeah I know you like to help people. I like to help people too. Reducing your rates to something the client can afford, instead of charging what you think the job is worth is a recipe for a bad project. It’s a recipe for a bad month of projects actually.

How do you respond to emails?

Lately I’ve been looking for an editor on my site. Yes, I’ve had someone proofing my posts, but I really want a bit more than that. I want grammar and spelling tips, and a second opinion on my content. Maybe some of it is bad or doesn’t make sense. I want that feedback before you […]

Don’t just say no, have recommendations

It’s been a few weeks since I talked about client calls. So far I’ve covered: Why you shouldn’t psych yourself up for a client call Why taking that client call is probably a bad idea Why I do take that client call Today I want to offer an alternative to my ‘polite no’ email from […]

Even I’m tempted to chase short term dollars

In October I made the most money ever via Amazon Affiliate links. A whole $54. Yeah, I know, you’re totally jealous. I’m rolling in Benjamins right? Joking aside, I bet you couldn’t guess what the big product that earned 80% of that income was can you? I’ll give you a second to sit and think […]

Saying no to a client because of fit

We all want to please people, so it’s hard to say no simply because of ‘fit’ when the client has a budget and a proper timeline. Today’s video addresses how I deal with saying no to them. Resources Why I don’t take that call with the client WP Site Care Evermore Daniel Espinoza Justin Sainton […]

Why I write and teach about business

There are a few reasons I write here. Help Helping others run better businesses and make more money is a good reason. I do love seeing others win and love knowing I’m a small part of someone having success. Expert Another great reason is that writing here helps establish my expertise. This is a long […]

Does the market agree with you?

I’m sitting here on launch day (to my email list) for my Hope is not a Strategy course and you know what, there hasn’t been a single purchase yet. Of course I sat around last night talking about how sales could work and running numbers. Yes I even dreamed about selling out of all packages […]

You’re not perfect – find a problem and fix it

We’ve all been faced with a problem that’s clearly outside our comfort level. Maybe it’s a coding challenge that you just don’t know the answer to. Maybe it’s an estimate for a big corporation and you just don’t know how to position it. Maybe it’s a tough blog post that you don’t know how to […]

The rule of thumb I run my business by

I wrote yesterday about your screw up not being your client’s fault. I told you about my screw up and what I did to make it better for the client. But I didn’t tell you my guiding principle to running my business did I? How do I think you should treat clients at every interaction? […]

Don’t say it’s easy, you have no idea yet if it is easy

It’s so easy when your on the phone with a client or in a meeting to tell them that a certain feature is ‘easy’ or as the tweet below says “straight forward”. I think the technical meaning of “straightforward” must be “I haven’t considered this for long enough to work out what the problem is” […]