Watch me Upgrade my 2019 Mac Mini to 32GB of RAM

Instead of paying Apple $240 for 16GB of RAM or $740 for 32GB of RAM I got some aftermarket RAM from Crucial and the tools to make the change myself. That cost me a grand total of $350 including the expensive iFixIt toolkit to replace my mishmash of tools that have accumulated over time. Yes […]

2019 Paddle Fest with Western Canoeing and Kayaking

We recently got to spend a great afternoon at the lake with the kids and a bunch of boats because a local paddling store was running a big day to try boats out. Both Cynthia and I used to work there, and a bunch of our friends still work there. That makes it more than […]

My Mac Mini and iPad Desk Setup

Today I’m going to talk about my desk setup as I add a Mac Mini to the mix with my iPad Pro 12.9”. My Gear Mac Mini VIVO VESA mount SteelSeries Headphones (those are the current similar ones) Dell Monitor (current closest) Seagate 4TB External HDD (I have the 4TB version of this) Kingston USB […]

Yup I Got a Mac Mini, But I’m Not Excited

While the Mac Mini has been upgraded, I’m still not overly excited about the purchase I need to make. My Gear My gear: Patreon: Music:

This is Not the WordPress You’re Looking For

Overall, I’m not happy with the direction that decisions in WordPress have gone. This is not the WordPress I fell in love with. Links Jetpack adding search recommendations WP Tavern on admin notices WooCommerce adding suggestions My Gear My gear: Patreon: Music:

Cold Ride, Run, Ride on Mt Thom

The thing about running in the mountains is that it takes a bunch of car time to get there. Today you can join me as I ride to the mountain only to run up/down it and then ride home. My gear: Patreon: Music:

WPMU Dev, Reviews and Having your Views Challenged

Late last year WPMU Dev got in touch with me to talk about a blog post from 2011 that was critical of their upgrade notices. Well, that podcast just got released and it’s a great one. After listening to it I have a few thoughts. They were on the cutting edge To start this conversation, […]

Snow Day Tuesday with the Kids

We had a rare snow day in Chilliwack so after skating and some work we got out with the sleds and had some fun. My gear: Patreon: Music:

It was windy on my birthday run

For my birthday I decided to take my new GoPro Hero 7 and put it through it’s paces on a day off with a 30km run in the cold and wind. While not most people’s idea of a good day (water froze, food froze) I loved every minute of it. My gear: Patreon: […]

Do Your Actions Match Your Priorities?

When you look at your week, does the time you spend in your day match the things you say are your priorities? If not, what are you going to do about it? Asian Efficiency on your goals vs your actions My gear: Patreon: Music:

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