I keep finding crappy clients

When I started my business I hustled hard and got a decent flow of clients coming in, the problem was that the clients were terrible. They’d always want me to be doing more work for less money. They’d want me to travel around and visit them in some coffee shop to teach them how to do my job. They’d run my ragged.

I’ve been there and got out of it and so can you.

Ideal Clients

The first step in starting to get great clients is to figure out who your ideal prospect is and then start to be picky with who you allow to move from a prospect to a client. You need to stop getting on the phone with any prospect that wants to talk to you at least until they’ve answered your initial questions via email.

Effective-Client-Email-PAGES-smallGet email templates so you can ask your prospects the right questions when they get in touch

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After all of that if they match up to your ideal prospect profile then it’s time to look at moving to the next step of sending them a good proposal.

The big change here is that you’re interviewing the prospect to see if they are a good fit. The propsect isn’t interviewing you and deciding if you’re going to do the work (at least not as far as your concerned) you’re deciding if you’re going to do their work. I know this is a hard transition for most people to make. It’s hard to stop the momentum of what you’ve always done.

When you got a job you were on trial to see if they’d take you and you let that become the norm for your prospects.

Stop treating it like a job interview and start getting more clients that are awesome.

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