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Evan on Coaching


One 15 minute call with Curtis helped me realize my worth to a client and gave me the confidence to ask for it. With that confidence I was able to negotiate a 30% higher rate per month on a long term contract. If I hadn’t talked to Curtis I would have left thousands of dollars on the table.

Johnathon Williams on Coaching

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Daniel Waters on BootCamp

Elliot on Bootcamp

Jon Campbell


I’ve been writing way too long proposals, winning just 30% of them. Even if a proposal led to a contract, I was still charging way less than I needed. Freelancing was barely sustainable for me. Curtis and I had one call where he explained how to talk to prospects to find their value. He showed me how to build out a winning proposal with less effort. After applying his advice my next client went for my highest priced option that was double their budget. The coaching time already more than paid for itself within 2 weeks.

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If you're looking to go deep into marketing, or focus, I've written at length on many topics. Get Ready to dive in.