The path to becoming a 6 figure specialist

This is our 4th post talking about 6 figure consulting. So far we’ve covered the real numbers it takes to bring home 6 figures, then we took a bit deeper dive in to my expenses using real numbers. Yesterday we took a look at 2 tips for becoming a 6 figure WordPress consultant. Today we’re […]

2 Tips to help you become a 6 figure WordPress consultant

I’ve already written about one of the kickback points from my 6 Figure WordPress Consulting post when I broke down my expenses. The second push back I got was that someone doing WordPress could even make $60k let alone invoice over $100k. I’ve done it. I can think of many people that invoice over $150k […]

6 Figure Business Expenses

I had a bit of push back on my article last week about 6 Figure Consulting. Specifically around my expenses. In that article I said that I pay about 25% in taxes and save 5% for a rainy day. Then about 20% goes to business expenses. For me that’s tracked for the last 3 years […]

6 Figure WordPress Consulting

There is a perception out there that WordPress is easy and a quick way to make money. Here is a summary of a question I got recently. I work at a 6 figure job doing Windows coding. I want to get out on my own but need a similar income. I always thought that I’d […]

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